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  1. I have not been able to access Gatewaytotheclassics.com for a few months now. Today when I tried to sign on again, it stated that I wasn't recognized; so I renewed my membership and was charged again thinking that was the problem. I still can't get the site to load up for me and I'm out the money. I have tried loading the site from multiple computers and even from my mother's home as well as mine. Nothing works. All the site says is that I'm in a redirect loop which seems it would be on their end. I've tried to email the owner a few times but have gotten no response. Anyone know anythin
  2. I bounce around not only in Grammar but every subject. I think that's what happens when working with workbooks and specific curriculum naturally. We want a buffet and not a sit down dinner. I have tried just about everything out there and my oldest two have suffered from it sadly. My should be eighth grader who was once ahead, is now a sixth grader doing fourth grade math. Same goes for my second oldest. I have since learned to stick with what works and not try something else just because it's "new" or I want to try it.
  3. I have the lifetime membership and it is worth it's weight in gold. Truly. It has every notebooking page for every topic/theme/person you could ever think up. It's really amazing the time and energy that she had to put into making these. Thousands and thousands of valuable pages for things that I just could never add in if I tried. It's enriched our learning experience so much more than if we didn't use them. I would definitely recommend them to anyone. Any other questions just ask!
  4. We've tried just about everything under the sun. We've just switched to CLE Language Arts and it's been the best choice so far!
  5. Natural Speller, and Spelling Plus are two great programs that I use for my children. What I love about them is that they last through all of the years of spelling and the pattern in which spelling is taught.
  6. I see one word in Protestant. Protestant. The Protestant faith was started on protest. It walked away from the true faith to start their own. I'm not looking to start a fight or anything, I just can't bear to see someone leave the real thing. Yes, many Protestant churches may all do things differently. The Catholic church doesn't. The Mass is conducted the same way it has been for thousands of years. Please think about what you can do to make things more enjoyable for you. You are visiting with Jesus himself!! He's right there! As well as legions of angels. Do you know that a
  7. We are using Math Mammoth and have been doing so for about 3 years now. I don't find it to be watered down at all. My best friend's son is attending a private Catholic school this year and working at the same grade level as one of my sons. His math is not anywhere near as rigorous as Math Mammoth. They learn multiplication by studying just the tables. That's it. They have no understanding as to why it works though. My sons are learning the hows and whys of math. They are able to compute numbers in their heads that I couldn't have even touched at their ages. I say stick with Math Ma
  8. My kids love Prima Latina! They beg to do more pages and are always looking for things to read in Latin at Church.
  9. I've made some lesson plans that go along with the Middle Ages of Story of the World. Volume 2. http://tendingourlordsgarden.blogspot.com/p/story-of-world-volume-2-resources.html
  10. I am the author of the Tending Our Lord's Garden Blog. 4shared used to be free and didn't require a signup so I used to use them to host my files. Since everyone was having problems with them I am moving all of my files over to my dropbox. Any SOTW files are available to download from DB already.
  11. I would be VERY interested in the guide! :cheers2: . No, I most certainly do NOT want to buy another edition. I got the 6th edition when I bought the spelling notebook manual, and then realized I'd need the 5th edition to actually follow the manual. But now all three sit on my shelf (well technically on the floor near my seat now) waiting to be cracked open again. :001_unsure:
  12. Thanks! I'll do that. It was like reading a horrible instruction manual. Why they put the parts into the book like that is beyond me.
  13. Wonderful. :glare: I have editions 5 and 6. Now I need to buy 4 as well. I just can't wrap my head around it. :confused1:
  14. Somehow I pulled up this old thread and glad I did! Having them view italic in all their subjects is a big help! The Lucinda Sans trick is awesome!
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