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Kombucha "mushrooms"

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We love kombucha. We lost our mushroom at one point from fruitflies (got through cheesecloth netting) a few years ago, and then lost a 2nd when we were moving out of state with a newborn and it was too much to deal with at the time.


It looks a bit like a tentacle-less jellyfish IMO ;)


I don't believe in massive health claims, but I find it really refreshing. I love fizzy, non super sweet drinks...I like the "bite" from seltzer for example, and don't do soda.


I really need to look into getting another one going.

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I have been brewing Kombucha for a while now. The mushroom or SCOBY multiplies every cycle and you can take a little aside, store in it a different jar so you have a backup if something happens to your main SCOBY (Symbiotic Colony of Bacteria and Yeast).

I love the tea - the only caution is that the jar should not be exposed to temps above F85 while fermenting. This has been a challenge during our hot summers.


I cannot pinpoint to a specific health benefit other than a general feeling of well being. My ds once drank it when he had a stomach ache and the malaise was gone within the hour. :)

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I've been using it off and on.


It's not actually a mushroom; it's a "symbiosis of yeast and bacteria". Yum! lol


It's easy to grow; If you need a break, just throw it in the fridge with some of its tea and it'll wait there for you.


I don't care much for the taste of it, but I always let it ferment pretty fully so it's fairly vinegary. Supposedly the health properties kick in once it's fermented. I can't claim any health benefits that I've noticed; but then I take a lot of supplements that I have to say the same for...


It's a great "sharing" doodad...keep the mom and give the baby away to a friend to start their own. Or rip them up into little bits and give away; they'll grow just fine even with just a little piece, long as you send some tea along with it.


The blob shouldn't touch metal, according to what I've read...and the tea needs to be cooled completely before putting the blob in.


Also, I use a coffee filter to cover it. And, if it grows mold, ditch the whole shebang; I've never had it happen but have heard of it.

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