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  1. Boardgamegeek.com usually has the rules to almost everything, but not this one. However, there is a thread in which someone offers to email the rules... you could try pm-ing them on that site (I guess you'd have to sign up for the site). Here's the link: http://www.boardgamegeek.com/thread/104950/rules-for-vintage-by-jove-game
  2. I don't know much about them, but the Simply Music videos might be what you're looking for. You can get more information through the Homeschool Buyers' Coop. My favourite books are Piano Adventures, but I think they're best used with a teacher (if you have some music background, they might be a place to start).
  3. I used to live in Nepean, too! Now in another part of the national capital region. Ahh, yes. I have every intention of retiring in Almonte some day. :D Love that place.
  4. Thank you, all! I tried the suggested tests. The first one yielded pain only when pressing, not after releasing, so that was promising. Then I tried hitting her heels. It didn't cause her pain. In fact, shortly after, she said she was feeling a lot better, as if the hits had jarred something that was out of place back into place. Weird. At any rate, she seems fine now. I will watch her closely over the next few days just in case anything worse is taking place. Thanks again!!! Your help was so appreciated!
  5. My 10yo daughter is wailing and crying on her bed. In the past half hour, she's started complaining that her stomach hurts in a particular spot. She says it's not like a normal stomach ache, and by the way she's carrying on, I think she's right. She's not normally so dramatic. How can I tell if this is worth sitting in an emergency room for 6 hours?
  6. I would start by playing a lot of "match my note" throughout the day, as often as possible. Simply play a note on the piano or sing a single note and hold it; then have them find that note and match it. You may have to prompt them to go higher or lower until they find it. Be sure to use notes in their range (so, the lower end of your singing range, or around the middle of the piano for boys of that age). They should get better over time. After they are competent, try to have them echo a two-note phrase each time. Continue to expand what they echo.
  7. Shipping to and from the States is outrageous. How about we Canucks have our own thread for curriculum sales, and sell to each other?
  8. Wow, thanks so much for this. You did a lot of legwork! I'm doing a taxonomy study with my daughter over the summer, so I'm going to be relying on your blog!
  9. Well, ginger rocks my world. And poppies make me very happy. There are other flavours and flowers that I could have been: LemongrassSweetPea would suit me fine, too. :) Or ChilePeony?
  10. Very insightful and helpful post. Thank you! I don't have any sons, but I do hope to help my nephews in this way if I can.
  11. Wow, this is pretty much exactly how I approached things. No tv characters!!!
  12. Another Canadian jumping in here--"tore a strip off" is just yelling at someone in an intense way... letting them "have it". I think it was the "literally" that threw some people off. :tongue_smilie:
  13. Oh, lordy, this. THIS!! Unfortunately, this is something I get to experience every day, multiple times a day. My dd loves little "catchy bits" of song or noise, so much so that she puts them on broken record status.
  14. That just made me so happy to read. What a neat dad. My grandpa was a whistler, too... I love joyful, tuneful whistling. As a kid, I enjoyed listening to Roger Whittaker. (Weird choice for a kid, I know!)
  15. I'll preface my answer with this: I'm not a vegetarian. That said, I love vegetarian food and have many veg/vegan meals. I'm on the lookout for the perfect veggie burger because I want a handy, healthy, summery thing--that tastes fantastic--to eat between two halves of a bun with all the yummy condiments. I don't want one that tastes like meat... many people don't enjoy that soy-based fake meat flavour at all. Personally, I'm looking for a pefect combo of mushrooms, beans, and spices that fries up into a delicious dream. And when I find it, I'll make big batches and stock my freezer. I don't enjoy fake meat, but I understand why a vegetarian might want to eat it... it tastes good, their tastebuds are used to a certain flavour, and maybe they need a good, easy hit of protein.
  16. I love, love, love the idea of it. Love the planning, choosing, implementing. Love teaching. But this month I am about to pull my hair out. My daughter is making me crazy. I have never, ever seen such foot dragging in all my life. She just doesn't want to work at all. This makes me hate homeschooling right now. In my heart, I don't hate it, but this is ridiculous. :glare: :crying:
  17. My plan is to: - have her work through a typing program - finish the math book, if not done by end of June (it won't be) - finish the Ancients (SOTW)... oh, man, are we behind on that one - do a book of French (didn't do any this year) - continue regular piano through summer - train for a 2k together - summer reading incentive program - lots and lots of hands-on fun (science, art, building stuff, free play, etc.) - field trips - finish other bits and bobs that didn't get finished this year
  18. I personally prefer to photograph my art with a good camera and in good lighting, rather than scan it. You end up with a similar digital product, but I like the way it "transfers" over. You can also use any media you desire.
  19. We had a (well-meaning) relative give my sister, age 5 or so, a ouija board for Christmas. I think she thought it was a board game of some sort. My mother kind of freaked and wouldn't even bring it home in the car.
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