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Hepatitis A?

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Ds is having a checkup today with a new pediatrician. He has been immunized with all of the standard immunizations, and isn’t due for anything. They are recommending chicken pox due to some break through outbreaks of immunized children, and also optional would be hepatitis A and Gardasil. We will definitely be skipping the Gardasil, but I will probably do the chicken pox. Should I bother with the hepatitis A? We are not in any high risk professions, or involved in any high risk behavior, so I’m thinking of skipping this. Opinions?

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Is the vex HepA or HepB?


I ask because HepA isn't from risky behavior, it's something that, depending upon where you live, determines risk since it's sometimes in water and can be passed on dirty utensils, etc. - transmission is usually the fecal-oral route, so someone with HepA touching a utensil without having washed their hands properly after using the bathroom can spread HepA. In the US, there are only a few regions where the HepA vaccine is recommended - it is also recommended in a number of other countries.


HepB, on the other hand, is the risky behavior type of hepatitis that is very low risk unless one is engaging in the risky behavior or sexually active with someone infected.

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