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Dr. Hive are you in?

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I have been sick with the flu which I am almost over. I also have been fighting a sinus infection which I am now taking antibiodics for.


My left side of my body feels like it is constantly cramping up. Last night it was my left arch, hip, torso, and shoulder felt like it was in a constant cramp. Tonight my left hand, arm, and jaw is just killing me.


Any idea what could be causing this? It started before I started taking any medicine for my sinus infection.

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wonder if your electrolytes are still out of whack. maybe switch to gatorade to rehydrate. were you lying on that side more? may be sore from lying in bed for extended periods. the flu sure can make your muscles achy, but i agree, werid that it is on one side unless you favor that side more. finally, and this is remote...do you have a history of heart problems? the arm and jaw pain could be angina, but its usually a pain that radiates down the arm. sorry, but can't think of anything else.


angel R.N.

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Thanks for all the replies---I think I figured it out.


My husband was rubbing my hand last night (because it was killing me). He mentioned how my hand was swollen and my wedding ring was tight. I took off my ring and this morning I feel all better! Who knows for sure if that was the problem--but I feel better after several days of cramps!

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