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Advent calendar goodies ideas?

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Ok, now that we've all (in the US and CA, anyway) been through Thanksgiving, I have to start focusing on what sort of goodies to stick in the 10 yo's advent calendar. I have no ideas. (this may be due to being lulled to near coma by turkey and pie)


I have almost finished constructing a garland of numbered "card holders" (more like French fry boxes) from the Toymaker.




(the boys are taking turns opening the days on the Star Wars Lego advent calendar)

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I am interested in this as well, as I finally sprung for the elf advent calendars from Garnet Hill, one for each child, which I have coveted forever.


Some of my ideas, so far, are:


one-day subject pass for school

Christmas shopping with Dad

Drive around to look at Christmas lights

$2 and $3 gift cards for ice cream or yogurt shop

pick a movie to watch that day or night (for a weekend)

new toothbrushes (oral hygiene is very important to elves)

pick the dinner menu for one night the following week

take treats to sports practice

an hour of Wii during the week

Christmas socks from the dollar section at Target



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Those are great, thank you! She will definitely have a day to pick a gift from World Vision or Heifer International. Toenail painting with a sparkly new polish will be in there. And gifting our neighbors with baked goods. :)


Ooh! Subject pass! And Christmas socks! Excellent!

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Can I ask why people do Advent gifts? How did it get started? I thought Advent was reading through all the Old Testament prophecies leading up to Christ's birth and then the New Testament scriptures surrounding His birth.


Marking the countdown is German. 1800s? And popular here mid-20th century. As to why... Well, because it's a fun way to lead up to Christmas for children. And, so far as I can tell, the two aren't mutually exclusive.

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Growing up we had an Advent Calendar like this that my mom needlepointed from a kit she got in Norway--it was sailors on a boat with 24 rings that you could tie candy or small gifts to. Every day was one of the four kids' turns to cut down a treat. So ours was a tradition we tied to our Norwegian roots. I now have an advent box with 24 little boxes that my kids get to open for Dec. 1-24. Each has a bible verse and then something else like:


leftover Halloween candy

Christmas ornament

small gift to open

lip balm or hand sanitizer

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