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Do you wanna know what brings me much happines...in a mean mommy sort of way?

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Oldest DD gathering dishes to load the dishwasher and griping about not being able to find the bowls....'What's wrong with this family anyway? Where in the world do you all put them?'


I think she's beginning to see the light.



....Oops, that should read happiness!

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oooohhhh yes. That would make me very happy. Kind of like the moment when younger dd spent all day helping me catch up on laundry and then scolded her sister for not putting away her clean clothes. :lol::lol:


:lol: I think I need to assign her laundry duty next!

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Or like when my very stylish DD looks at a 10 year old in something really short and says, "Oh my. That is SO inappropriate. I can't believe she doesn't know any better than that. Doesn't anyone TALK to her?" I have to try so hard not to laugh. If she sees me smirk, however, she always says something like, "Of course, at MY age, it's just fine to wear things like that, but she is really way too young."

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