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How do I get rid of "Just Visiting" and become a bonafide Hive Member?? Thanks!

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I voted 4, but I am only 5' tall, so that makes a huge difference. Currently, I am 17 pounds overweight and in a size 8. I would be happy in 6 since I think my hips have widened since my size 0-4 days, but I need to lose to more fat to know for sure. :D

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ideal size is different for each individual person, depending, too, on that peson's stage in life (youth, postparturm, nursing, post-children, perimenopausal, menopausal, advanced age, etc).


health issues and exercise habits can determine ideal size, too.


if you lose a lot of weight bec. of illness or medication issues you will wear a smaller size, but may not look as good as someone who wears a bigger size and has strenght and a glow of health.


if you do strength training, your size may be higher due to more muscle mass, or your size may be smaller bec. you don't have so much squishy stuff to fit into the clothes (always an issue for me:001_smile:).

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