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Head injuries-What options for adults who are no longer really able to function adult

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I'm sorry, that's terrible. There are many different kinds of adult day care type services, some catering to adults with different abilities/deficits.


Finding someone to help--in home or out--is a scary proposition, I know, because trust is not an easy thing to give away anymore! Ask around...you'd be surprised at what kind of recommendations you can get. We ended up finding a wonderful day care for dh's grandmother with dementia that was a Catholic ministry, even though we are not Catholic. We'd have missed out if we'd let that be an obstacle. Of course, every family has its own levels of comfort, etc.

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I would also be sure she asks about the wait time, especially on some of the government funded options. I know a little about some of the options here and a friend has her son on the wait list for some state aid that would allow for some in-home help and/or possible some residential placements in the community. Right now they have told her the waiting list for that particular program is 10 years (yes, YEARS!); so even though he is still in elementary school, they have already been trying to get him on the waiting list.


Several of the programs have advised her to get on their waiting lists even if she doesn't know if he will need those services because it takes so long and it is better to be have the option when his number comes up and say no, than to need it and be at the bottom of the list.


I don't know all the details, which program it is, or even if the services I described are entirely accurate, but I do know the wait list issue was crazy!

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Oh, Nan, :grouphug:




I cannot answer your question. I did want to offer some empathy, though.


Seven years ago my aunt was diagnosed with a brain tumor. She wasn't that much older than me, and our mothers had had a business together, so she was more like my big sister. Her second surgery left her badly brain damaged. Overnight she became like an Alzheimer's patient.


Walking with her down this hard, hard path has been the most difficult struggle of my adult life.


I'm so sorry for your friend. Feel free to pm me with more specific questions about coping with the aftermath.



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