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Fun ways to learn multiplication/division facts


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We will be taking a break from "formal" school when baby gets here. The plan is to take 2 weeks off, but we'll see.


I would like to have some things to do for the kids though during that time. I was thinking it would be a great time for dd to really focus on learning multiplication/division facts 0-12.


What are some fun ways to learn them? :bigear:

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I just recommended this is the General forum.




I used the yellow one. (I ordered both, but the yellow one had more coloring pages. WE truly enjoyed math time.


This tells a story using the facts.


tree (3) and skate(8)


A tree wants to learn to skate, so he goes to a skating rink but is so heavy he dents the floor


tree x skate= denty floor.


The cool thing is that this is great for divison as well. Since you know the ending (denty floor) and one character (tree) you can remember the other character (8).


Times table became our favorite time of day and they begged to do it (I used this for a struggling 4th grader and a second grader)

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Timez Attack and Times Tales.




There are also some math operations board games (Totally Tut is one that comes to mind), and you can modify card games such as War to say that whoever has the winning card has to multiply the two card values before they can take the cards, stuff like that.

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It's not exactly fun...


Flip through flashcards and the child can either answer or say pass. When you get 3 cards in the pass pile, you set them out on the table with cuisenaire rods representing the math fact and have the child figure it out. Review the 3 pass cards, once again and put it away.



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