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  1. http://www.hslaunch.com/mypage/profile/9112 Scroll down on here to the Uncatagorized section and I have two titled Math Checklists..... you'll want to check out the Beechick books to fully understand these if you like them.
  2. I made a lesson plan using free typing sites online :) You're welcome to download it and use it! http://www.schooldaysgoneby.com/2013/07/free-typing-lesson-plans.html
  3. Are there any group buys forming for the self-paced history? If not, I might be interested in forming one if there is sufficient interest.
  4. I found these to be pretty great sources of info. http://www.swfwmd.state.fl.us/recreation/species/ http://youngfloridanaturalistsguide.blogspot.com/2009/10/handbook-of-nature-study.html Here, click on teacher resources, nature & land, or other choice in the subject box. http://www.swfwmd.state.fl.us/publications/search.php?id=13
  5. Anyone? I'd love to know of sales for Greek, literature, early learning for toddlers and preschoolers, ...... I have a lot more listed now but need some for these in particular for myself, and would love to list all the others I can find.
  6. Where are all the sales you know of? I'm putting together a blog post to get them all in one spot! I've got several listed so far, and want to add all I can find to direct mamas (and dads!) and myself :tongue_smilie: to the best deals. :001_smile: Here's what I have so far. What can you add?
  7. We do nearly all of R&S english orally, sometimes writing just a little when orally isn't enough. We also do much of Math Mammoth orally or I let them dictate to me. What's awesome is that MM teaches so well, that they are actually able to do the math mentally in order to do it orally!
  8. I'd personally call Carrie and Mike. They know the books inside and out and can help you find just the right fit :) As for inaccuracies in the CHOW, that deals with the first chapter or two which speaks of origins, and is totally skipped in the guide.
  9. I have been researching and searching for a good one for us, and I really like the look of Purposeful Design Spelling. It seems to have less busy work and more...for lack of better word, purpose. It looks really good.
  10. I use Heart of Dakota and have 4 kids I split my time between...will have toddler, K, 3rd, 6th this fall. I have my schedule on hslaunch.com ...just search "hod" or "school days gone by"
  11. 1. Dropping the school room and using living areas with a couple of those 9cube cubby shelves. 2. We Choose Virtues parenting cards, poster, and having the flascards or clue cards handy in my purse at all times. 3. Math Mammoth 4. Heart of Dakota 5. R&S English mosyly orally and never skipping the oral review in the TM
  12. thank you! i will be sure to tell her :001_smile:
  13. The biggest and most important part is just how opposite these programs are...one is secular with some accepted-as-fact biblical history events and the other is totally Christ centered. The history cycle means little at this point. They don't really get time when it comes to that large of a span, but having a year with LHFHG will be great b/c it's an overview of history, chronologically done. So it gives them an order of events, and some connections to many familiar stories from the Bible and things they'll be somewhat familiar with enough that it will help them make connections and have some pegs to hang later info on. SOTW is basically a secular history based, historical fiction book for the first one. LHFHG will build your child up and direct him to God, and SOTW is full of ancient false gods and you're left to add in all the missing bible connections. Yes, I do realize some biblical history is included, but it is very much not christian and missing much of history (creation, for instance. and other events secularists don't recognize as fact, and it's not told from a christian worldview) I love LHFHG, and all of HOD. We're in our 4th year and 6th level of HOD. Keep in mind HOD goes into the history cycle as you progress through the levels. And it will go on through high school!
  14. Rod & Staff english does this sort of teaching VERY well. We do it mostly orally as there is a lot of busy work if you don't.
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