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  1. I was about to purchase Singapore math for my rising 1st grader and realized there are multiple versions. After searching the threads on the different versions I really got confused. I was considering purchasing the Level 1 Standards edition but saw a few threads on MIF. I was able to visit the link that allows me to view the MIF versions as well at: http://vihmh.impelsys.com/math_in_focus/index.php But I don't get it. What is the difference between MIF and Standards? Is MIF available for purchase from Singapore? Which is the better option for someone just starting out wit
  2. I need suggestions for a 5th grader that dreads history. Right now we are using a regular textbook from Houghton Mifflin that worked fine for 3 of my previous children. She is literally in tears. Wondering if anyone has some suggestions for a history curriculum that gets the job done, is not overwhelming and will help her learn something. I would love to find something that allows her to be independent but if I can't find anything I may have to do a Unit Study. I also have a 3rd grader and a 1st grader. I don't have the time to take on another subject that requires hands on from me so

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    Brand New will sell for only $105 plus $5 shipping. MSP $155 I purchased and never used Level 6 - Atelier. Unfortunately, I over purchased curriculum this year and do not need it. It is still in plastic. I did open one of the DVD's but never used it. I will accept Paypal and can ship within 24 hours of payment (as long as you don't pay by check). We are a non-smoking home.


  4. Thanks...anyone else have input? :confused1:
  5. Hello, I was hoping someone could help me. Maybe I'm slow but I don't get it. I was considering ordering Science Fusion for my rising 1st, 3rd and 5th graders. On the HMCO site it says the interactive workbook is around $31. I now see that the HBCO has a sale on the Science Fusion HS Kit for $90. Can someone tell me the difference between the kit and the book? From the HMCO site the link for more info on the interactive workbook takes me to the same place that the kit does. Am I missing something? Will the textbook be all I need? Will I need to also purchase the TE
  6. I was wondering if someone who owns this curriculum can help me. We are on a tight budget so I am wondering if I can just purchase Volume I and the quiz book? Are the lesson plans included in the book or is it separate?
  7. Thanks so much for everyones input. The child in question is 10 years old. Is the Discovery Streaming Spanish class free?
  8. I was wondering what everyone is using for Spanish. We have used Rosetta in the past but don't really care for it. Anyone have a Spanish curriculum favorite that they are seeing their child make progress with?
  9. @mom2bee I think I might actually do #4! The thing is his test scores show he is far ahead of his peers. He just has in his mind that he may be unprepared. Poisoned by relatives...they see what I've already done with my DD but they still don't believe in hsing.
  10. Thank you all for your input! I am looking into your suggestions now.
  11. I have successfully schooled one of my six into college, she has been on the Dean's list since her first semester. My DS says is going through a rough patch as he is about to complete 12th grade this May. Thanks to family members that have never approved of homeschooling he now has concerns that he is ill prepared (nuts right? His sister has schooled with me and is taking Honors classes in college). He would like to review English and Math from 9th Beginner to 12th to confirm he measures up. Does anyone know of a curriculum that will allow him to do this to calm his fears? Somethi
  12. My DH is going to doing Anatomy for Science this year. I am in the process of ordering his books and was wondering if anyone that has used Essentials of Anatomy and Physiology (Sanders) has an opinion about which edition? There is a new edition out but it is more pricey than the previous. Any input is welcomed. Thanks:bigear:
  13. I am going back an forth about what curriculum or spine to use for 9th Grade. We are going to do Ancients first and to be honest - I can't make up my mind. I also have a rising 4th grader who will be doing Ancients this year too. I considered MOH but I remember trying that many years ago and didn't like it, sold it and can't remember why. I am still not ruling MOH out. My DS (rising 9th) loves to read and is very fascinated with Greek Mythology. Some of the other choices I have considered are: BF - Ancients Illuminations MOH (alone) Create my own thing (but with what)
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