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If you realize you're addicted to sugar...

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I am saving this thread to look through the links this evening but I was wondering what advice you might have for a DS12 who considers himself a sugar addict and would like to cut the sugar (most of the time) in a sugar saturated world. Reading food labels makes you realise it is in just about everything.


I don't know how many of you are familiar with Arthur Robinson's Curriculum (I looked at it many moons ago). He has very strong opinions on sugar and behaviour. Part of his curriculum advice is no sugar.... even though he admits that he himself eats sugar:001_smile:

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My family cut grains from our diet back in January. Within 2 weeks, my sugar cravings had diminished substantially - I woke up one morning and no longer felt the need to have sugar in my coffee. It hasn't been a totally smooth road since - there are certain habits that have been hard to break, and I haven't eliminated it completely. But I can now look at a sugary treat that's freely available, choose to pass it up, and not feel deprived. It's so nice to be free of that addiction and feel that I have free choice over what I eat, even though I didn't realize before stopping that it was such an issue!


Since adopting a vegan, and then pescetarian (fish-eating vegan) lifestyle, I've rarely had ANY cravings. When I do, it's for an egg or some other protein source. I believe that when my body is getting the balance of minerals and such it doesn't crave anything.


Just my .02.

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