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  1. Mine can start when they want (hopefully later than 12.) BUT the rule is: It has to be maintained once they start.
  2. If you are willing to also sleep with a hat and a coat then blankets would probably work fine. We went camping about three years ago and took mostly blankets -- we bought sleeping bags for our next trip :-)
  3. My son is -- it never occured to me to not. If I had another son -- he would be, too. Honestly, I'm shocked at the number of people on here that are not -- I always assumed that most men were (my family members are, my dh family members are, and any man I've ever *known* was.) Live and learn.
  4. Can anyone suggest a curriculum for phonemic awareness? I'm not talking letters (grapho-phonemic) -- I mean sounds (like -- "do you hear the 't' sound at the beginning, middle, or end of this word . . .) There is so much to it all -- it would take me forever to make one up myself.
  5. You guys are awesome -- you've made me laugh (a lot,) given me things to think about, and attitudes to reach for.
  6. My dd9 just informed me that she feels like she does too much work and that I do nothing. Through gritted teeth (and my hands in the toilet bowl 'cause I was cleaning it) I told her, "I do more than you realize. You need to help if you are part of this family and you need to get used to it." Ugh, what would you have said/done?
  7. Yes, because we'll be off for Rosh Hashana later in the week. DH is off but I think it will be good for him to see what we do all day.
  8. My 9 yo DD makes bacon, eggs, and toast for the family -- I bet your son would enjoy it.
  9. Bring your own bag of lesson plans -- I've seen WAY too many teachers leave insufficient lesson plans. You can bring things that are multi-level, educational, and not necessarily what they do throughout the usual day. Like: several decks of cards (they can play addition games like 99, Go Fish, even concentration), a story book that can easily be turned into a drama (bring a few props) . . . If you will be there several days you can even bring them a little treat (oranges . . .) If you maintain authority but are still fun then everyone will like. Act like you know what you're doing and th
  10. We're Messianic -- so we definitely don't fit any of the categories. We use a mix of curriculum and modify the "Christian" stuff.
  11. The thought of it makes me want to vomit, break my heart, and go weak in the knees. And I was a PS teacher for 11 years! Although, I do have to agree with never-say-never.
  12. While I agree that cursive is faster -- I also think another reason to teach it is that it gives our children the option and when they're older they can choose which one they prefer. If it's never taught they never get the choice.
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