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  1. I would like to replace my alarm clock with one that can also charge my iphone. I've found all kinds but they all look like I will have to remove my case in order to charge it. I just think that's a major pain and is not something I'm willing to do. Does anyone have anything they would suggest?
  2. I've moved quite a bit and every time there's been a bit of sadness. I've found that the more I get involved, the better (faster) I feel.
  3. I replaced my deodorant with Milk of Magnesia. It works great! I did it to try and lessen the bad chemicals in my life but I figured that if "most people are deficient in magnesium" then it was a win-win.
  4. My moodiness was cut from a level 10 to about a 1 or 2 when I cut out gluten. One of my first symptoms when I've been "glutened" is depression/moodiness/yelling at my kids.
  5. So what part of her "problem" do you think would be solved by putting her in PS?
  6. Personally, I think 5 is too young to be so terribly worried. Keep reading to her, playing games, and take some of the pressure off. Make sure she has things that she is good at (helping others, art, cooking . . .) If she still struggles in a year or so then maybe look into something else.
  7. Well I went all the way through PS and college without understanding math and I think I still turned out fine ;) But now that I'm using MUS with my kids I'm learning a lot!
  8. I really like mine. I think it's easier to text on. I also end up using it like a mini-computer - I keep lots of recipes, websites that I enjoy, and use it to compare prices while I'm out shopping. I also use the map feature a lot because I've moved to a new place and it gives me directions (that I don't have to print out.) And then there is always Facebook . . .
  9. I voted "other." I peel mine roughly - so I get a mostly clean potato with a little bit of skin.
  10. It depends on how much you value your relationship with your sister. Sometimes the relationship is more important than being right. It's up to you to decide that.
  11. That is so cool! I hope it works out for you.
  12. Is it possible that he's making repairs? Older cars are much easier to work on and he's probably willing/able to do it for cheap.
  13. Going gluten-free has changed everything here! Try it for three weeks and see if it makes a difference - if not, then it was a cheap, easy try.
  14. We were able to track dd's issues to diet and sleep. If she had had a lot of sugar (including wheat products) and a late night then we were sure to have severe anxiety in the next couple of days. When we saw a counselor, he wanted to send her to a psychiatrist and put her on meds. I REALLY wanted to avoid that if possible and started tracking everything and that's what we came up with so far. It's been wonderful to see her blossom. Just an idea.
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