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  1. Get a second opinion. I have a lazy eye. It was much more severe when I was a child. Now it is turns slightly inward when I open my eye wide. I never had a patch. I never had double vision from the misalignment. I just used one eye more than the other; I am right-eye dominate. My depth perception is affected. My left eye is week, but I can see well enough even without glasses. My oldest has a lazy eye also, but it was so slight that I missed it until he had his first eye exam at age eight. By then it was too late for patching. I really would encourage you to try patching if at all possible. His vision is good enough with corrective lenses to drive, play sports, etc. I would definitely get a second opinion from a opthalmologist that specializes in strabismus.
  2. Also, American Eagle and Hollister carry jeans made with FLEX denim (stretch). They have slim straight versions that might work well and they are frequently by one, get one half off.
  3. My oldest also gained a lot of weight (no longer has 12-15 hour per week color guard rehearsals). I have found the Denizen brand (Levi Strauss for Target) to fit him really well. They wash up nicely and have stretch. He wears 36x29 and has very thick legs and butt. They are not tight, but not baggy or oversized looking. Good luck K
  4. My kid goes to one of my state's cheapest schools. He had high stats but this college offers very few significant scholarships, so we pay sticker price. My best friend's son attends a private school for about the same due to significant scholarships based on his academic standing. This school has a very high acceptance rate and also a low graduation rate. They have alot of money (strong alumni giving?)and were generous with my friend's B-student. So, don't discount looking at private schools--you may be surprised by the bottom line price. The son of another friend is attending an out-of-state state school for less that any of our state school. It is a school that also has a high acceptance rate due to guaranteed admission for instance students with a certain gpa) and a lower graduation rate. This school offered this student full-tuition Scholarship because of his high gpa. No school in his home state gave him any money. I would have loved to have my kid do the same, but I wasn't aware of this strategy. YMMV, K
  5. Someone was nice enough to create a Facebook page for my son's college (JMU) for buying and selling textbooks, including those dreaded "special editions." He was fortunate to find a $97 book for $20. The book was written by his professor, so not many copies were available online.
  6. I don't know anything about specific programs. However, my cousin, Ben Dragavon has a career very similar to what you have described. http://www.si.com/edge/2016/02/24/hope-solo-workout-uswnt-seattle-reign-training Best of luck to your ds!
  7. Make up a silly language? Rename common household items, a few verbs and use Nicknames for family members here. Make a game or competition of using your new language.
  8. Absolutely. I've purchased two houses and never put down anywhere near 20%. Good credit is key. Interest rates are super low. Our first mortgage had a rate of 8.75% and we thought THAT was great!
  9. Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Coat with Donny Osmond. Into the Woods with Bernadette Peters. Peter Pan with Cathy Rigby.
  10. Dallas Green aka City and Colour is a favorite of mine.
  11. I would think the closing costs would nullify any savings in having a cheaper interest rate. I could be wrong.
  12. FYI. I was at Costco today and they had XL Twin Bedding Sets (Comforter, sham, and two sets of sheets) for $39.99.
  13. When my son wanted to dye his hair blue, we used a kit we bought from a local beauty supply store. It was a two part process. Bleach and then apply color. The staff at the store advised us on our purchase. I don't recall any staining of pillow cases. http://www.sallybeauty.com/wild-haircolor/SBS-140380,default,pd.html
  14. My MIL just bought a 2016 Honda Pilot E!ITE model. I was surprised to find two captains chairs in the second row rather than a bench seat like my 2012 Pilot. Weird.
  15. I found the description of removing plaque in this blog posting. http://catmaven.blogspot.com/2009/10/tooth-care.html
  16. Fwuw, I,ve watched my vet pick the tarter off my very submissive, elderly cat's teeth. The vet used her thumb nail and "popped" a strip of tarter off her molars. She was 16 at the time and had a heart murmur. The vet did not recommend her to go under and was kind enough to remove it. She is now close to 20 and has been eating dry, grain-free food. She appears to still have all her teeth and I haven't noticed a significant buid-up. I don't know if the dry food makes a difference or her breed (Tonkinese) just have good teeth.
  17. We bought an Ooma(VoIP). It allows us to use our old landline phones over the internet. We registered our ooma pay $6/mo. for 911 service and taxes and fees. http://support.ooma.com/home/911-services
  18. Well, since a dear friend's sister died from hantavirus she contracted from cleaning up a cabin inhabited by mice, I would trash it. I would take it to the landfill myself to ensure that no dumpster divers would get a hold of it.
  19. Just looked at the JMU website. The recommended laptop has a 15.6 inch screen. So, I can go smaller.😊
  20. My youngest will be attending JMU, a large campus. He may be biking across campus to and from classes. I am looking for backpacks that are comfortable, sturdy and can accommodate up to a 17-inch laptop. He is 5'11 and slim. Any ideas? ETA:. He actually needs a 15.6 inch laptop!
  21. Same here. I frequently sub as a paraprofessional in a high school Special Ed (Autism) classroom. It's a very structured classroom and the kids are the sweetest, hard-working students in the school! I enjoy it so much that I've applied for a full-time position. K
  22. Looks like math and science gen Ed requirements do transfer if I am reading the pdf correctly:http://www.admiss.vt.edu/apply/virginia-community-college-system/
  23. I have had the same problem. The woman in the YouTube video mentioned that to get "fluffy" rice, you had to let pressure release on it's own and not do a quick release. Rice to water ratio is 1:1.5. Hth, -K
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