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hello all-


i have been committed to homeschool our two kids (4 and 2) since my oldest was born. i'm excited about it. i believe in it.


but now that we are nearing kindergarden, i'm getting scared! i think my biggest fear isn't that i can't do it or that it will be hard, but i'm suddenly fearing making my kids different. i'm worried they won't have groups of friends (but i also agree that family needs to be the primary focus and influence). i'm worried my oldest will be upset once she realizes she's not doing what her preschool friends are going to do....


i have reached out to some local groups to get support, and i'm in the process of following up with that. i know we will find friends in activities. but i'm still worried and scared.


anyone else feel this way or have some words of wisdom?



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You can do it!


It is totally normal to feel scared. I was terrified at the beginning of my first year. It's a little like going off the high dive. The worst moment is when you get to the end of the diving board and you're about to jump. :) Homeschooling is an amazing adventure, and you're almost ready to embark!


And don't worry about your kids being different. Kids don't need to go to school to learn to be kids. :)



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I was anxious, too, but unlike you, I hadn't planned on homeschooling from the beginning. This decision was made while my oldest was in a private school for kindergarten. Thankfully, I had a close friend who had exposed me to the thought and was one of my biggest supporters. I also had another friend who had taken on hs'ing when her only child was in high school. Now that is scary! She told me one day that I could do it, especially considering I would be holding the teacher/answer book! :) I worried my oldest, who is very social and loved her school friends, would really miss being with other kids but that is not how it worked out. She loved being able to sleep in, not be at school all day and having the freedom we have. There are so many activities that you can put your kids in that will give them social interaction with other kids. Don't sweat it! You can do it!!!

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Don't get scared. If you make your kids "different," it'll likely be in a GOOD way. ;)


They can definitely make friends at co-op, various extra curricular activities, and so on.


It's normal to worry somewhat about whether you're making the right decision. But I'm sure you'd worry about it if you were sending them to school, too.


It'll be fine! :grouphug:

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