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  1. We were in Orlando November 2011 and after seeing the movie several weeks before, our kids begged to go see Winter. We took a day and drove over to Clearwater (only about 1.5 hrs from Orlando). I found it to be kind of pricey (don't remember but you can look up the ticket prices on their website) and small. BUT having said that, we had a blast! When we got their they were having an informational bit about stingrays. We then got to see a show with Winter and Panama. It was very informative and we were really close to the tanks/dolphins. There were two other shows with different dolphins that were great as well. At the time the aquarium only had tanks/room for 4 dolphins so they were maxed out. They were in the process of building and adding on so I'm not sure where they are with that. Back to the animals, they had otters, turtles and tanks of various sea life. The aquarium has a few paid employees and tons of volunteers. We found the volunteers to be very informative and welcomed our questions. So having said all that, it was well worth it. It was probably the highlight of the trip for the kids. Happy vacation!
  2. That is awesome! I had a reluctant reader until he read an excerpt from The Happy Hollisters (in WWE). He started reading the book and in less than a week he finished it. His sister gave him The Phantom Tollbooth yesterday to read and I found him reading this morning during his free time instead of his usual place in front of the computer/tv/wii!!! It is exciting, isn't it?
  3. I e-mailed TOG a few weeks ago inquiring about the Resource Page. Someone replied (can't remember who at the moment) and said they hoped to have it up the first part of March. Hopefully it will be up soon...
  4. Thanks for the info on the Yahoo group! We are planning on using Apologia science next year, too. :001_smile:
  5. I started FLL1 with my dd and we are now over half-way through FLL4 and WE love it! I love that it is repetitious and very thorough. The lessons are short, guided and fun. Just wish Advanced Language Lessons was ready for the fall. :(
  6. I would definitely count it. Epcot has lots that they can learn about countries and culture. There is also educational elements in a lot of the rides. Like a previous poster mentioned, kids in public schools get days of parties and movies and it counts for them. ;) Enjoy your trip!
  7. :lurk5: Thank you for posting this. I was just looking at my plans this morning and had the same question. Any other suggestions?
  8. We've had a laptop for several years but have kept our old desktop in the schoolroom (it wasn't worth selling so why not just keep it). I still use it for our finances and other things for school. It is nice to have another computer when I am working on the laptop and my dh or kids want to do something on the computer.
  9. I have Oxyclean stain treater and it is amazing the things it gets out, even out of clothes that have been dried! I spray the spot and let it set at least a day. Good luck!
  10. Thanks for all your input! I am thinking (at least at this point) at going with Megawords but I am at liberty change my mind. :)
  11. My dd will be finishing up level 6 of AAS this year and I'm looking ahead to next year. She is not a great speller but she has improved a lot! I would like to continue with spelling but really am not sure what to use. I would like something that reinforces the rules taught in AAS but more putting the rules into practice with harder vocab. Any suggestions?
  12. I make my own sauce and the only thing I add you didn't list is salt and pepper. You may need to increase the other spices listed.
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