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Problems with Chalkdust DVDs--DVDs skip! Help!

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So aggravated with myself. I ordered Chalkdust Geometry in September. It was the most I've spent on any curriculum piece. We needed to complete Algebra, so did so. Started Chalkdust in January. The stinking DVD is skipping constantly, freezing up, etc. I've tried it in laptops, the players on my t.v.s, it is clearly the DVD itself.


So here is my issue. You only have 30 days to return this program for refund or exchange. I SHOULD have tried all the DVDs when they arrived, but did not as I was knee-deep in Algebra.


Has anyone else encountered tech issues with Chalkdust? We like the program, and find it helpful when it works, so I do not want to change it, but some of the lessons are completely garbled. I am ready to pull my hair out.



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Contact Chalkdust and ask for replacement DVDs. If you purchased from them, they will send you replacement DVDs. I had this issue, too. Chalkdust was prompt about mailing out replacements.


Since I replaced my 7-year-old DVD drive with a new one, I haven't had issues with the Chalkdust DVDs.

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I am having issues with our older dvd player as well (with new purchased movies). It may be time for a new one! Just posting as a FYI for others who may be having problems with lesson dvds.


Chalkdust is wonderful to deal with, if anything is wrong with their dvds, they will take care of it!

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I am waiting for an email response, so if Monday comes with no word, I will try calling.


I have tried on several different players, one of which was new in December, so I don't think that is the issue.


Thanks--I feel more hopeful that I am not going to be stuck with useless DVDs!

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