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Is this the flu?

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I've never had the flu, that I know of, so I'm ignorant here. Dd (12) woke up w/ 102 fever this am. No other symptoms. Maybe a slight headache, but not bad. Gave her Ibuprofen and she spent the day on the couch. This afternoon she said her neck hurt, but she thought it was from the way she was laying on it. Then she said her lower back hurt. She was a little cold earlier, but now is hot. At 4 her temp went up to 103. Gave her an Ibuprofen at 4:30, and at 5:00, her fever was up to 104.


She has coughed twice in the last hour- but nothing before that, and says her throat doesn't hurt.


So is this flu?

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My experience with the flu is that usually the fever is low and the body aches are high, no cough or sore throat.


A good way I had it described to me once was this; Someone tells you there is a $100 bill out on your front law. If you had just a cold you would go and get it. If you had the flu not only would you not have the energy to get it, you wouldn't even care it was there.

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Can she touch her chin to her chest and move her head around? I always think of meningitis when I hear fever and neck pain in the same tale.


Anyway, my dd had headache, low fever, chills, aches and felt sleepy all yesterday - had her stay in bed with ginger ale (kids only get soda if ill here) and Tylenol. She slept most of the day and is fine today.


Sounds like a mild flu bug ...or the start of a "real" flu bug. Chills with a fever and aches spell flu to me.

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