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Question about DS6 behavior

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Whenever he gets "in trouble", meaning he did something he wasn't supposed to do or didn't do something that he was asked to go and I talk to him about it, he will lift up his arms to cover his ears, close his eyes, and look down.


Have your dc done that at one time or another? He does this every single time and I'm just wondering if that is something normal. My dd8 has never done this.



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I would wait until they look at you and are willing to acknowledge what you're saying. I might mention it before hand.... "When Mama is talking with you, I need you to look at me and look like you're paying attention. Let's practice." It may take a while, but covering their ears and looking away, appears disrespectful and like further disobedience, to me. It's probably just one of those choices that come with parenting :)

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Very common. It often just means they are a bit upset or embarrassed. Unless it's accompanied by a sneer or "la, la, la, I'm not LISTENING" I would ignore it.


When my dd was 6, I would have loved that reaction - - she generally ran out of the room when upset, lol, and hid under the blankets or in a closet. You would think she was due for a beating, rather than a mild correction. We allowed it, b/c she did it when she KNEW she could not stay calm and listen. She always returned (eventually!), and was then able to listen.


She's ten, and doesn't do it anymore.



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