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Anybody got a crystal ball?

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I just hate making decisions about what to do next. Just when I think I have it all figured out, something else pops up and I realize that none of the solutions to our problem are clearly the "right way."


It still seems like we're still just flowing with the tide. Instead of a clear, well-thought out decision to do something, we're still just going wherever life takes us.


That doesn't make me feel secure!

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Yeah, but you are a woman of faith. He's got you.


Ya know, it would be nice if he would just send me an email!:lol:


I just want it all to work out. I want to not be broke anymore, have good schools for the dc, and career opportunities for me. Dh just wants to be back in NC and not be poor anymore.


You'd think it would be easy!:tongue_smilie:

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I have decided that when I come to these crossroads in life, not to do anything until I have a settled feeling about it. Of course, I will still research and list pros and cons, but after that, I will pray and wait.


Mind you, this is easy for me to say because since I made that decision, I have not reached a crossroad.


Before that, I would research, list pros and cons, and pray. Then I would make what seemed to be the best decision at the time. I figured if it turned out badly, at least it would lead to another branch of the decision tree, which might turn out to be the right way to go.


IOW, the decision that turned out less than ideally would be a step in the right direction -- kind of a doomed optimist's point of view. :)

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