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Which of these is redundant?

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For my 4th grader next year I have planned:


1. ILL


2. Abeka grammar (just the grammar)


3. Writing Strands


I think this is too much LA. Plus we do spelling every day. PLL has worked so well this year and is such a joy to teach that I just don't want to give it up. But I can't seem to prioritize when looking at this list. I think proper grammar is important and I want dc to learn sentence diagramming.


So I think I should give up ILL but that makes me sad.



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I don't think they're redundant at all because they're very different styles. :001_smile:


I wouldn't probably suggest alternating every *year*, but maybe alternating throughout the week. Do ILL 3x a week and WS 2x a week. Do Abeka (just the grammar) daily or maybe just 4 days a week. Let Fridays (or whatever day you choose) be a "light" day by doing just writing a la WS and/or writing a letter to grandma, thank you notes, personal journaling, and that sort of thing.

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They do use Writing Strands and ILL, then a serious grammar review in I think 7th grade, followed by Applications of Grammar through high school.


Not quite. MFW recommends ILL and WS starting in 4th grade (after having done PLL in 2nd and 3rd), then the All-in-One Grammar book in 6th grade, and then Applications of Grammar for 7th & 8th. All language arts and composition in high school is incorporated into the History/Bible/English packages.... so Appl of Grammar isn't needed after 8th.


Meanwhile, additional LA skills CM-style (copywork, oral and written narrations, dictation, memorization, outlining, research skills) are also scheduled in the lesson plans during every year of MFW elementary.

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