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Best way to lose a few pounds quickly

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We leave in one week going to my in-laws for the holidays. We will be there for a whole week. I always gain at least 5 pounds while we are there because we eat out the whole time...literally. Okay, not breakfast everyday, but some of the time. I would love to lose a few pounds this week before we go up there. I'm overweight by about 25 pounds anyway, so I don't want more...KWIM?


Thanks for any tips that I could easily and safely do.

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I would eat very, very little over the next week. Eat two meals a day and make them small, fiber-filled ones. Add in some walking. I know some people say eating so little puts the body into "starvation mode" and it will hold on to the weight instead, but I've been eating this way since the end of August (I've not been exercising extra), and have lost 13 pounds so far. I would estimate that on an average day I'm eating 800 to 1100 calories.

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Walk fast/hard enough that you breathe faster than normal & work up a sweat. If you have a treadmill or other aerobic machine, you can use that instead. An hour a day.


This will burn loads of calories & be very healthy.


Meanwhile, don't drink any calories except skim milk. Eat fresh or lightly cooked veggies with every meal and snack. Eat them first. Serve 2 or 3 veggies (corn and potatoes don't count, lol) with every meal.

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