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Motivation to Clean---the Social Worker is coming

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After about 4 years now with no social workers in our life, we have decided to renew our foster care license. We don't know yet if we will just do respite, do some regular foster care or possibly even adopt again.


The worker just called and he is coming on Tuesday. Guess that is the motivation I need to get cleaning again and get the kids on top of things.


It shouldn't be bad..........but it is. We actually had a DUMPSTER here in September and filled it twice with stuff and then donated 2 big loads to our church give away and we still have way too much stuff.

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:grouphug: and warm wishes/thoughts/prayers for that planned social worker visit for foster care.


lot better than the reason they visited me a few months ago (anonymous tip that I'm bad or something because I homeschool. whatever.) but that visit was a motivator that week to clean.


Enjoy the cleaning! :)



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LOL This brings back memories of me me spending weeks going through every cupboard, closet and drawer in my house. Getting 'exactly' what was on the first aid kit list (7 stores), switching out door knobs (our state requires that they are always unlocked on the inside-even if it is locked to the outside), and checking every little detail.


When the certifier came, we sat at the dining room table and then she was ready to go. I asked her if she needed to see all the things on the list (I didn't want her to have to come back because she forgot) and she told me something along the lines of "Na, I can tell you have it all covered. There are some families that you check, and some you just know you don't need to". We laughed but I really wanted her to check! Just so I would know that it was worth the effort! Just to validate that I spent so much time making everything 'just so' according to the their lists. LOLOL Silly, I know but I spent so much time and effort doing all the work!


It was that way for every case worker visit. They came by every 3mths (minimum required by law) spent about 30-60 minutes chatting and were gone (she was a darling and great to talk to). At one visit, I finally mentioned her to her that she hadn't ever seen dd4s bedroom and asked if she wanted to. She laughed and said sure (but it was obvious that she really didn't care).

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We have had that too. One worker would come and not even SEE the child. I don't know if she really even LIKED kids as she always scheduled her visits during the baby's nap time---I would remind her of that each time but she would still come then. She would occ. peek in the bedroom to see him but really never even interacted with him.


One licenser never made it past the kitchen table but did like to look at dh's tools in the garage.


Then on the flip side we had one worker (different agency) that almost did the white glove treatment---opened every window, flushed the toilet with the shower running, ran her hand along the TOPS of the doors for dust?????, etc.


I am NOT going over board at all. I just need to get the basic picking up and cleaning caught up again. If they don't like the way we normally live then they can not place a child with us..........then again one of the adoption workers already has a flier for us on a boy that is up for adoption.


Since we have fostered over 100 kids before and adopted 3 and worked with this agency I don't think it will be too bad :-) I just need to CLEAN>

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