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Stupid cooking question of the day... how to make bean burritos?

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Put out ingredients, let everyone build their own, microwave each for about a minute. Chaos, but delicious. We usually have beans, meat, corn, tomatoes, sometimes mushrooms, peppers, cheese, salsa, guac, etc. - not all at once! A nice lunch option. Try Trader Joe's whole wheat tortillas. Yum!

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hugs to you for wondering and woo hoo, because tortillas are so easy and fun to stuff, and great to do ahead of time for picnics, and can cut in half and share with younger ones!


We like to premicrowave the tortillas to give flexibility


take the beans and add to the meat (I also have cut up diced pots to stretch it more) and I add taco seasonings or chipotle seasons to taste!


heat that mixture on the stove in pan


and then make burrito by

laying tortilla flat


put a strip of the meat mixture down the middle but still leaving an edge on the edge. This is to help make a close on each top and bottom


I then flip the top and bottom over the meat mixture

then roll from the bottom to make a long skinny burrito!!


I make them smaller for the little ones who sometimes aren't good at holding the bottom.


Have fun, and enjoy!

mucho bueno!!

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