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What do you feed kittens to wean them? Yes, I can research

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online but when I have the experience of the hive to learn from...

The cat has come back, we haven't seen her for a week. She seemed very hungry and when we fed her this time she got a full size can, mixed with a little water, she ate it all.

I am thinking the owner knows nothing about weaning kittens, so now that I have the information about spay clinics, I'd like to also give her info on kitten weaning. I'm guessing they are pretty hungry too. Is 6 weeks a good age to start them on solid food? Give me some pointers here, please.:001_smile:

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I had some bottle fed kittens. When I moved them to real food I bought crunchy kitten food and soaked it in water for a while until it was somewhat mushy. Then, over a few weeks it got less water soaked and gradually more crunchy. Beware though, they can make a horrible mess with the really mushy stuff.

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When you say mess, do you mean they play with it, or after digestion and elimination? :glare:


They get it all over their little faces while they eat, and then they get it on their paws and track it around. Sometimes you need to dab a little bit on their mouth/nose so they lick it off, before they'll realize they should be eating it.


ETA: If the kittens are very underfed/scrawny, the dry kitten chow can be wetted using kmr (kitten milk replacer), available from a veterinarian's office (without an office visit, just go in and ask), or from some feed stores if you live in an area that has them.

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right now that was abandoned at about 2 weeks of age. She is now about 5-6 weeks old and I have weaned her from the bottle. I first put the KMR in a baby food jar lid and she learned to lick the milk. I then added dry food with the formula so that it was soft. I had to place it in her mouth to begin with but after a couple of days she could eat it on her own. My plan is to keep mixing it with formula for another week and then begin mixing it with water.


Lora in NC

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This sounds hilarious. Keep in mind, I have posted about this cat in the past two weeks, two different threads, and it is not my cat.

I followed her home.

I'm not sure how well I'll be received by the owner. I will be trying to get over to cat's home and deliver some food and information on spaying.

What's that noise? She's back again.

This is a big deal to me and the girls, so any kitty sympathy you want to give me I would appreciate.

I keep forgetting to mention that we have a cockatiel and a lovebird. :001_huh:

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