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Made a decision about human growth/dev class at ps for dd10

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Paperwork was sent home again, just to explain the program again, tell us when it will be taught, and offer the opt-out.

I have to say I am very impressed with how respectful they are being with the parents and choices.

It is a week-long course, and covers puberty; hygiene; "the basic facts" of reproduction, including intercourse; and both abstinence and STD's. Pretty thorough for 5th grade 10/11 year olds.


I asked dd how she felt about it, and asked her if she wanted to learn about sex from home or from school. She was very clear that she'd like to learn at home. Dh and I decided to have her attend the first two sessions, about puberty changes for male and female, and hygiene.

The other 3 we will cover at home.


I asked if she'd be uncomfortable opting out, and she said no.


The school letter has a nice statement about that:


"An alternative program is provided for children who do not take part in HGD instruction, and every effort is made to foster understanding and respect for family choices and the avoid peer pressure for or against participation in the program."


I told her I could pull her out for those 3 days if she wanted, or at least for part of them.


Thanks for helping me decide.

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