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HSing with shared custody?

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We are investigating options for DsD to see her mother part-time and I'm wondering if anyone has successfully had a child homeschool while with the other parent.


DsD will be 13 next month and is pretty independent with her schooling. We're thinking of sharing custody 4-6wks back and forth (her bio mom is in another state). I think bio mom can handle checking to see if it's done, but not whether it's done correctly.


I was thinking that all writing assignments, which she does for other subjects also, can be emailed to me to correct. Math is LoF and CD Prealgebra, so I don't know how that could work. Other things are shared CDRoms with her brother here, so I'd need 2nds of all of those.


How have you modified what you do to make it work with shared custody? We'd like to figure something workable out since this should be a perk of HSing...being able to grow up with both bio parents without limitations from PSing.

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Thanks for the replies. My DH will have full custody so he'd have complete say in when she goes and for how long. DsD might end up not liking it. I just want to think about how we could make it a reality as much as possible in case it works out.


The first visit will be 1-2wks and we'll treat it as a vacation without schooling, but the goal is more time than she has for vacations even with year-round.

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You husband has full custody now, but that can change. The other parent can ask for a modification of custody, and if the child has been spending half her time at her mother's house, that is an important fact. Especially if the child really WANTS that time at her mothers.


The thing that most concerns me is that you are not expecting anything of her mother. Why? If her mother does not value homeschooling and want her daughter to work hard and progress, I would not think that is a great place for your daughter to spend her time unless your daughter is a very self motivated, education minded child who you know will be working hard even without her mother's guidance. If you think she will enjoy the opportunity to be a slacker, then I would not do it.

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My ex and I split up two years ago right before my son started 5th grade. My kids are with me Monday through Friday. We do most of the school while they are here. They go to their Dad's house at 2pm and from there I work back to back shifts Friday through Sunday. I send Spelling with their Dad and he does the book reports. I even sometimes would call and give my son his Spelling test over the phone. It has worked for us. The biggest thing we had to realize is that I really needed to be the one who did most of the schooling.

There are a lot of adjustments that have to made but if both parties are willing then it is feasible.



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