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Disposal for poopey diapers and dog doo?

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Sorry for the gross topic.


We have always just reused our grocery or store plastic bags in the past. Now we shop with reusable canvas bags the majority of the time and I'm left with needing an alternative for picking up dog poop primarily. I also like to bag up the poopey diapers- cloth is not an option for me at this point and I'm not buying a diaper genie.


What do you do for either of these issues?







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We buy the little rolls of blue bags for picking up after our dog as we also never have plastic grocery bags anymore. We're long out of diapers, so we don't have that issue. I also use produce bags and the bag the paper is delivered in (in the winter) for animal waste.


Our city has a household compost pickup and we can throw animal waste, diapers, and female sanitary items into our compost bins (along with regular compostable stuff) and it gets picked up at the curb every week. There is a special processing plant where they separate all the plastic from the biological waste and then compost it. How cool is that?



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My mom saves hers and could give me 100 if I asked her to.


Do you have a neighbor or friend you could implore to save bags for you?


We have a cat, and we use our plastic bags for cleaning out the litter box.


Just curious, if you are now in need of something to wrap dog poo, wouldn't it be better to go back to using disposable plastic bags? To me, it's not a waste since they are taking the place of a plastic bag you could purchase for this purpose.


Before we had cats, I would take my extra grocery bags to the thrift store or library book store. They were always in need of bags.


You could also throw it into a compost pile in your yard.

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I bought a package of diaper "bags" at Dollar Tree. :) They were just the right size, thinner than a grocery sack, and were baby powder scented to help hide the smell. They came 100 in a package for $1.


I've also seen them at Wal-Mart in the baby section. I don't know how much Wal-Mart charges, but the kind I saw there were "Sassy" brand. They may also have them at Target, etc.

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We have 2 dogs, and have never used "bags". Their poops are not soft and mushy so it isn't a dirty job.

We use our "pooper scooper" to do the hard work (a metal shovel), then simply dump it in the trashcan outside. There is usually something that they all fall into, or can be dumped into. we often have a trash can with yard clipping that we can mix the poop in.

If not, oh well! It isn't like the trash man is going to get any of it dumped on him, or anyone is going to be going through our trash!


There just has never seemed the need to use plastic that way. If you already have plastic that is one thing. If you are using cloth now, and don't have extra plastic around, don't go buying more plastic for the dogs!


As far as poopy diapers... I always rinsed the diaper in the toilet, and soaked them in a bucket of bleach water until I washed.


If you are still using disposables, you just have to roll them up, tape them shut, and carry them outside, or know that you must empty your inside trash every day.

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