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any CD recommendations for my 2 yr old's nap time?


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My 2 year old is fighting naps, but still needs them desperately. (his night sleep is rarely good when he skips his nap) I was wondering if anyone had any specific recommendations for a CD he might lay still and listen to. Music or stories. CD or itunes download. I will try anything right now!

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Dreamland: World Lullabies and Soothing Songs.


Amazon has samples if you want to hear. Here's their product description:


"Putumayo invites you to turn down the lights and relax to the tranquil melodies of gorgeous lullabies & soothing songs from Africa, Europe, North & South America & Asia. More than simply a bedtime album for children, Dreamland features beautiful, universally appealing songs that will help create a calm ambience in the home & during yoga, meditation & massage sessions. Featuring Angelique Kidjo with Carlos Santana, Zulya, Beatriz Pichi Malen, Claudia Martinez, Fortuna & more. 13 tracks packaged in digipak format. 2003."

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All four of my boys loved Return to Pooh Corner when they were little!




We love this and the other one by Kenny Loggins, More Songs From Pooh Corner:




I highly recommend both of these. The songs are beautiful. I still love them myself. :001_wub:

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