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anyone used either of these microscopes?

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Search around the boards a bit. Someone else had done a good bit of research and came up with the MS-03 and asked for opinions. There were several posts about it.


Look here.



(I don't know how to do the neat links, YET.)


Hope this is helpful.


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I did it! (cause Kareni told me how.)
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do I HAVE to, I can't, it won't work, I hate it, I don't like it, it's weird, it's too hard, are you sure it'll work, I don't wanna, (and my personal favorite:) I don't feel like it.....


oh, gosh, sorry, Kareni, I guess I was having a "teen" moment. A break from all the "old lady" moments. I don't know what came over me.


Seriously, though, thanks, I had done it before, but the knowlege just left me, for some reason. Go figure.






There is an explanation here.




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LBS, I think I've searched here in the past for those microscopes, and while they sound like a great deal, I couldn't find any actual first hand experience reports on them. The thread listed just seems to support the Sonlight microscopes, which I'm sure are great, but are expensive. I wish someone here would buy one and let us know what they think! :D Out of the two, the more expensive one sounds even better with all its features. :)

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I have a sonlight microscope and this one from amscopes

My children are all under 10, but I wanted a microscope that we can use through high school and really experience it. I LOVE the binocular scope that has the higher power... The only thing that I would change is the light bulb. The sonlight microscope has the flourescent bulb with can be left on for a long time without hurting the slide. The Amscope binocular scope (Has SO many features and powers) but the bulb is tungsten which is ok, but just has to be turned off after looking at the slide.

Another feature that sonlight says is special on their scope is the single focus tuner. The amscopes microscope has 2 seperate focuses but we like it better because you can really focus better - even my 7 year old uses it and enjoys it.

I am trying to decide which one to sell. It is a hard decision - only because of the bulb. My husband has looked at the amscopes microscope and may try to change the light fixture (he is handy like that)...

Good luck to you in your search!

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dagnabbit, now I'm off on this rabbit path...and I thought to wait till next week. But, here is a very useful post from Pam B: a superb deal!


Pam's is very similar to the one you have, Michelle, from Amscopes.


She is a real sweetie-pie, who, when I e-mailed her to find out how that scope was working out (she got hers in March 2010), gave me a great report: says the scope is very high quality, more than she expected, and great value. (Maybe she'll see this and give her own report.)


Its hard to sock in another couple hundred dollars, and my price range increases as I search and learn about scopes (shiny, pretty).....I guess I'll do a little looking around for refurbished or used....I'm near a lot of universities and their old stuff, might be just the ticket for me. Make me feel less guilty if the scope ends up collecting dust.


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