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  1. I'm trying to register on the college board and it keeps telling me to enter school, I've tried typing home school and even their code 790000. Any suggestions??
  2. We have the dvds and the workbook from apologia. It says watch an episode a week. We would like to do this in one semester. Has anyone done this course in say 16-18 weeks??
  3. If you were going to do one of these which would you choose? and why? thanks so much
  4. I need help for my daughter who will be in 9th grade. She needs help writing good essays, paragraph stucture, etc. etc. What are your opinions of the three I mentioned. Thanks so much!
  5. Anyone use paper rater. I've been using it just for helpful suggestions. What I find interesting is I have twins. I will submit both of their papers. On one daughter, it will give excellent word usage, vocabulary, etc. and give her 82. Then will submit my other daughters and it will say bad phrase score, below average vocabulary, bad transitional phrases and give her 80. Just wondered what yall's thoughts were. Thanks so much
  6. Pam, Yes, I might want it, if you would be willing to sell it to me. I have a question thought. Would my kids need to start with secondary Spanish instead of Spanish 1. they did Rosetta Spanish in 8th grade, but not sure they learned much. The people at SOS had said I would need to start with secondary Spanish, then Spanish 1. Do you have secondary Spanish or Spanish 1?
  7. Anyone have any suggestions? I would like it to include cds etc so they can hear it spoken. Trying to go as economical as I can. I don't mind spending $100 but don't want to spend $300 taking online course. Thanks!
  8. Looking for curr for Spanish.....don't want online....needs to be something do at home. Any suggestions. I have sos Spanish that I found at garage sale....any htoughts on that or others.
  9. I was just wondering if anyone had done a schedule for pre-algebra using Lial's. Thanks!
  10. My daughter also wants to make dance her focus. She attends dance approximately 12 hours a week plus summer intensives. I put it under Fine Arts but after reading this may change that to Performing Arts. I counted 1 credit each year because each year she had 12 hours of week of dance in class plus at least once a month extra hours performing in the dance company, too. She is a senior this year, so I'm really new at this but this is what I'm putting on her transcript.
  11. Yes, I was only talking about listing Algebra 1 and Physical Science(not any other subjects done in 8th grade that are less quantifiable)....both of which even the textbooks state are high school courses. The state I live in does count Algebra 1 as one of the math requirements and does state it can be taken in 8th grade and counted. It doesn't say that about science. My question was how to list it....do I list it in an 8th grade column....just asterick like some have suggested or maybe do a transcript ....or do a subject type transcript.
  12. I would like to count the credit and grade though since it is high school math....algebra 1 .....can I not do that?
  13. If your child took some high school level courses in 8th grade how do you show that on transcript. Not all of her 8th grade work was high school level but her math and science were. Do you just have an 8th grade column or do you do it just by subject to not have confusion? Just making sure.Cindy Lee
  14. Thank yall so much! That is what I had thought and yall have boosted my confidence! Thanks!
  15. I am trying to figure out how to assign a credit. Each year in high school we did something like this. Abeka Grammar, vocabulary classical roots(1 of them), Literature( extensive reading list anywhere from12-17 books read....). We also did a writing program along with it(like Writing Strands for 9th, 10th grade, Excellence in Literature/Lightning Lit and Lively art of Writing for 11th grade). Would this all be just one credit for English each year or more? Any suggestions.
  16. Just curious, how yall calculated grade for high school English. In our English course, we have a separate grammar course, separate writing course, separate vocabulary course, separate literature. Just trying to decide how to assign percents.......like 40 percent for grammar, 30 percent writing, etc. etc.?? Any suggestions???
  17. Those of you who have used Lial's with pre algebra, algebra 1, algebra 2 on up to precalculus.....have you found they were well prepared for the ACT. I have skipped around alot and my oldest used Lial's for algebra 2 and precalculus. I'm thinking of using Lial's throughout 7th grade on up for my other 2 but wanted to make sure it would prepare them for ACT....the test that counts in my state! My oldest has done well in math but we used Saxon, Abeka, Jacobs, and Lial's on her! Ha!!! I used a different one every year and want to simplify for the others. Thanks!
  18. I went to purchase this and saw it was the 3rd edition which I already have. Do they put a new one out each year? Thanks
  19. My child scored 175 on psat this october. I knew that wasn't qualifying her for any national merit so I haven't thought much about it. As I'm checking out alot of college scholarships they are saying things like 29 ACT or 1280 SAT. How can I correlate what a 175 psat might make possible on SAT.....any charts out there. I had decided to concentrate on ACT since she was close on that but then this has made me rethink. Anyone help?
  20. How soon after you've been changed to tested do the scores post? What is all this halliboo on cc about "tricking" and getting scores early? Seems not good thing to do to me.
  21. I think the rumor being spread is that they score you easier.
  22. There's a viscious rumor going around where I live that if you take the ACT at a certain location(certain college) in the city I live in that you will score higher. That seems unlikely. Aren't the tests done on a curve nationwide?
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