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  1. I am using these this year as well for a morning family science/history lesson to discuss. I have the workbooks as well but finding that they are not really practical for each lesson as we will use them. Thanks for the Moving Beyond the Page referral - I will check those guides out. Has anyone used AIMS Historical Links Through Mathematics? I am using these as well and was hoping someone might have a schedule or has combined the 2 series (Hakim's Story of Science with the Historical Links through Mathematics). http://www.amazon.com/Historical-Connections-Mathematics-Resources-Classroom/dp/1881431355/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1408801364&sr=1-1&keywords=aims+history+math
  2. Anyone have experience? Is there a thread already posted that I could read? Thanks!
  3. I think anything that allows a child to explore while learning would be good. Oak meadow comes to mind right off because it has a lot of hands on experiences for learning through.
  4. 2.0 refers to the new version of TT which is self grading. I have used both and there is not really any other difference that I have noticed. I think the content is the same and the problems are the same - you are just paying more to get the 2.0 version so that it grades the students problems for you. I also think that it falls a bit behind Saxon and other curriculum. My daughter finished singapore math 4B then tested into TT math 7.
  5. I use straighttalk... Easy to use. $45 a month for unlimited talk, text and internet. They have an android phone now that runs off of verizon towers for excellent coverage....
  6. We used k12 with 4 children... The language arts is a rich curriculum and can be implemented how you wish. Some people use all of it and some choose to minimize it. That is the wonderful thing about k12 :-)
  7. You will do great if you just relax. I enrolled 4 children last year and will enroll 2 this year. There are some things I love and a few things I would change. However, for me it has been an awesome experience. I am in TN too :-) please email me and I will be happy to give you pointers on what I learned.
  8. Our public library subscribes to lots of nice magazines and then we can buy the older editions for .25 :) You might call your local libraries and see if they are near selling any... That is the least expensive way to get the nice magazines without advertisements in them. I still have access to sell magazines, however I can only get magazines like Nat. Geo, Boys Life and American Girl at a deep discount - the advertisements in the magazines are where the companies are getting their money. On the flip side, if money or a budget is not the objective then Cricket, Calliope, Muse, etc are AWESOME at http://www.cricketmag.com I would like to hear other ideas of favorite magazines too :)
  9. Thank you both for your response... I found the ALA site just after posting this :) I have a friend complaining about the Hunger Games and I just wanted to show her some other books that she HAS read and loved that have been complained about by others... Thanks a bunch!
  10. I am looking for a list of banned books that schools will not allow in their library. I know I have seen discussions here, anyone have a quick link or better idea for searching than 'banned book list'? I am not finding anything. Thanks!:auto:
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