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ideas needed for potluck brunch after church tomorrow

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I often bring meatballs and gravy, like Shari--sometimes I add a package of noodles to make it go further.


I think salads stay fairly well for a few hours--I like spinach with sliced strawberrys and feta and balsamic dressing, or spring mix salad stuff with walnuts, sliced red grapes and blue cheese. I know it's brunch, but people still appreciate something healthy.


Or you could do those pinwheel rolls by spreading light cream cheese on tortillas, adding lettuce and turkey and cheese, and rolling--slice into 3rds (about every two inches).

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On allrecipes.com they have several casseroles, we just made one last week that was a hot german potato casserole (5 star recipe with like 1000 reviews) it had red wine vinegar, eggs, bacon, cheese, potatoes...etc. it was delish and would travel well for a potluck...I use allrecipes.com as my go to and stick with the 5 star dishes...never failed..



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that is the ticket right there....do you have an awesome gravy recipe I could see???

I buy the packaged gravy mixes now. We have milk allergies so making it from scratch doesn't work anymore. Southeastern Mills is our favorite because it doesn't have MSG. Sometimes I will cook up some sausage, chop it up, then mix in the gravy. You can also keep it warm in a crock pot.

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