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Any online classes or videos to support Singapore Math?


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Both my girls have done the free intro lesson and loved it! Our teacher lives in India.


I am registering Abi for the service. She'll need to take a placement test to see where she starts. I hope she's ready for 3A. We'll see.


I'm just relieved to have the luxury of a Singapore expert doing math with Abi while I'm working with Aly on other things. We will still do our regular Singapore math lesson each day, as usual. This online-class will be supplemental for Abi.

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Ed2Go has two courses on Singapore Math, but both are focused on teaching it. One is on model drawing and the other on numeracy.


I plan to take the class soon. Hubby has given me the thumbs up to run with this. I obviously need serious remediation since I can't wrap my brain around many of Singapore 5th grade CWP (challenging word problems). Oy!


I'm cursing my pitiful math education. College algebra was the highest I took because I despised math. Thankfully my older kids have a strong understanding and will do calc & beyond, I'm assuming. The little dds will learn Singapore as well as other 'Asian' methods.


I hope this grand experiment works.:001_smile:

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Yes, the Ed2Go classes are online. I've done both of them through our local CC, because I have to keep my teaching license active to be allowed to teach my music classes at the university program (really makes sense, right?), and since they don't care what the class is in, I figured I might as well do ones that are useful to DD.


They're both well done in understanding the singapore way of thinking, and include some nice visuals and extra materials that are helpful. I really haven't needed the HiGs, and I think it's due to these classes.

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Thanks for posting about the ED2Go class. I am thinking about taking it also. I have read Knowing and Teaching Math by Liping Ma and was wondering if this class would still be helpful? Do you get a text to use with this class or a printable book?





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