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  1. Does Rod and Staff review things from past lessons? She does not like a bunch of different stuff going on in her work sheets but...she does need some review every once in a while or she forgets. Thanks, Penny
  2. Hi, I need help. My 5th grade daughter is currently going to a school that uses ACE curriculum. She is doing OK with it now that i am reteaching the material after school... except for the math. The kids in the class are all on sperate books and the teacher is usually working with the special needs kids more than the others.(my girl ends up having to try to do it alone) She is required to do 10 pages per day. There are way too many topics going on at one time for her. I used to homeschool her and we would have to go over the material a million times for it to really sink in. If/when I try to use material like Math Mammoth/Singapore/MIF it ends in explosive tears and frustration no matter how slow I take it. She says that she hates it. I have tried the education unboxed videos and games. It goes beyond "we all have to do things we don't like." The only curriculum she liked was Saxon K but...I was so worried about "conceptual understanding" that I sold it and switched to MM..then Singapore.. then back to MM.. and then tried MIF before she was put in the school. I used the HIGS/TM. I have never really had trouble teaching the material. My youngest daughter loves MM/SM/Miquon combo. I don't know what to do. She will not be going to that school next year. I will likely homeschool again. I would take her out of the school now but i would still have to pay tuition. I would like to purchase something to use now and continue to use next year. ( that I can stick with for the long haul) I am sick of curriculum hopping.(when we homeschooled) What curriculum do you recommend for kids that need to take it slow? Thanks, Penny
  3. Thanks for the replies. She does ask and sometimes begs to be homeschooled again. I do remind her of how hard it was last year to get her to do her work. She cries and says that she wishes that she would have cooperated. I was a fight each and every day to get her to do her work. Some days it would take two hours for her to complete a couple of math worksheets. Everything was a drama queen moment. :scared: She has calmed down a bit since then. It just gets difficult scrounging for money to cover tuition payments. My husbands comments often how I sometimes work til 7:30pm teaching her what she should have done in class. I certainly don't mind helping her.(That is why I homeschooled to begin with.) I will just keep trucking along since our relationship has improved. It is worth the cost of tuition. Sincerely, Penny
  4. Hi, I used to frequent the forum in the past as I was home schooling my girls. I still homeschool my youngest(now 6), but this year my oldest(10) is attending a private school. The school uses Ace Paces for all subjects. Mondays and Thursdays consist of Math, Science, and English. Tuesdays and Wednesdays cover Social Studies, Creative Writing, and Word Building. It is going so so.I find that it has too much multiple choice. I think that it is so boring she just circles random answers just to get it done! My dd used to love science and now hates it. I find that I am having to teach all subject material to her after school because the class has way too many distractions.(she is the type of kid that needs total quiet) I often wonder why I am spending money when I am still having to teach her. This kid is very demanding. When I was homeschooling her she saw me as the bad guy making her do school.( and fought me every step of the way)Now that she is in "real" school, in her eyes it seems like she sees me as "mom" now(no longer the bad guy)and let's me help with/teach the material. Go figure.... I just don't know if I should continue with the private school. On one hand she is happy to have her school friends and I am just her mom and helper.(no longer the bad guy) She loves her teacher and has great conduct grades. As long as I check her paces every night and stay on her, her grades are ok but the minute I let her school "do its job"...she brings home bad grades. The only tie she ever really loved school was when we did Konos. I just don't have the time to plan units. I just don't know what to do. Penny
  5. I am doing a 5 a day method with my children. It is working great so far. I have the KTM set of books but I also pull from many sources.(MEP, MM and so on) My dd used to shut down at the sight of MM or MEP worksheets. Not anymore! I just cut out the sections that I want them to do and glue it to loose leaf. I think my oldest likes this so much better because the problems are not cramped together..lots of white space. I can spread a MEP lesson out instead of a lesson per day. An example of my oldest(dd9) sheets are as follows: 1) Multiplication facts 8's or 9's(I write them out and she writes the answer) 2) A section from MEP or MM 3) A word problem or two. 4) Division problems 5) Fractions or whatever she needs practice in. We add in math activities to round it all off. I get living math books from the library and KTM to spice it all up. It is nothing fancy but it works. Penny
  6. I felt so guilty when I put away SM. I thought that using anything but "the best" would short change my kid. I am sooooo over that now. I don't have to deal with daily tears. SM works great for some kids. I was not teaching it wrong. I just needed a different approach. My dd would cry at the sight of the SM books. Don't do like I did....I was kicking a dead horse. Once a child hates math and thinks that they are aweful at math it takes a lot to get their confidence back. Penny
  7. Most of the people I know don't use it for more than a couple of years and resell it for less than $200. That is what worries me.
  8. I am curious to know how many people use it alone. Thanks for taking the time to answer. Penny
  9. That is my plan. I honestly can't afford all of the extras. I may make my own readers in a word processor and let my dd illustrate. Later, I will just get some readers from the library. I do think that the AAR Readers look nice, but I just can't afford it.
  10. My dd(5) has a leap pad 2 and loves it. She NEVER bugs me for my phone or nook tablet anymore. She has learned a lot of things from playing the games. Penny
  11. I would just get loose leaf paper and write out the problems. This way you can decide how many problems to work on. Give her lots of space.(I make my dd's math sheets and I used to be funny about using a spreadsheet to make it all professional. I was making it way more complicated than it needed to be.) My dd loves this approach. or I would just make a copy of the pages.(although I much prefer to write it out myself.)
  12. Go here: http://fiveinarow.com/blog/ And look to the right of the page. It has a space to put in your email address. Penny
  13. I decided to unsubscribe and then resubscribe to the blog. It worked! I will use the B4-Fiar ones with my youngest. I think they discounted the ByFiar Fold N Learns instead of offering them for free. Penny
  14. Hi, Can you tell me where to find them? i am a subscriber of the blog and can't find the downloads anywhere. When I go to the products section I can't click on any fold and learn. Thanks, Penny
  15. I started to use it at the beginning of the school year. I got afraid that I was not covering enough and moved on to something else. I feel dumb...we are going back to it as soon as I complete our current unit study. My dd was enjoying The Boxcar Children and things were sticking. We were doing two chapters per week and had plenty of work. My problem before was that I was going to fast. I have become more relaxed in our school and understand now that my dd remembers things that have not been "pushed" from a textbook. Things like grammar and so on can be learned from a workbook but... for other more interesting things, she needs a more natural approach. Lingering on the topics only make the study better imho. Yes..some weeks you won't have science.(or some other subject) When using chapter books you learn by the topics presented in each chapter. It can seem "all over the place" at times. But honestly, my dd likes the variety and it does keep her from getting bored. Planning for the week takes a little bit more work than Fiar. You have more topics to cover. I will likely try the Beyond Fold N Learns to see if it helps with the planning out. The Forums there are great. I find the people very friendly. Sincerely, Penny
  16. Hi, I am attempting to put together a reference for myself that lists curriculum that is purchased once and usable for multiple grades.(example: Konos, MOTL) So far: Konos Math on the Level Fiar Tapestry of Grace Please help me build my list. Thanks, Penny
  17. Hi, What age do you start using the lab sheets? I was thinking of starting my 5yr old as she likes worksheets. I see it listed as for 1st grade. Penny
  18. We make skip counting songs. This week was 9's. She would skip count by 9's backwards and forwards to the tune of Yankee Doodle. After three days of that, I then started asking her "what is 9 x __?" She was answering so fast that no further drill is needed. We started 8's today. My dd is 9. Penny
  19. :iagree: :iagree: :iagree: These are very wise words. I have had years of tears over math. My kid would flat out tell me that she was stupid when it came to math. It killed me to hear those words. Especially because she is actually good at math. I tried switching curriculum several times. I was determined to use an asian style math because of all of the posts I have read on this forum. I also tried the stop and wait a while approach but as soon as we started up again....the flood gates would open up. I also tried the "you are gonna suck it up and just get it done" approach which ended in a disaster of biblical proportions. :cursing: I used a whiteboard for a while instead of worksheets. After spending a fortune on CLE, Singapore, RS, MM, Miquon, Math in Focus(the most tolerated one out of all of those)and on and on...I have switched to a more living math approach along with kitchen table math, which I use like Math on the level. I cut up MM sheets and make 5 a "days" for her reviews.(For example: I glue a clock section, money section, multiplication section and so on to a loose leaf paper and that is her review) We also cover new material at the same time. The difference is absolutely amazing. :hurray: I could cry I am so happy to finally have peace. I hope you find what works for you. I know how hard it is to go through tears. :grouphug: Penny
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