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I think I need my eyes checked.

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I have never had my eyes checked and my vision has been getting more and more blurred. For a while I attributed it to being pregnant but now that baby is almost three months old I have to consider that it is ... old age :glare:.


Do I go to an optomitrist or opthamologist - I have no idea which does what.

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I found it interesting that my insurance will provide coverage for an opthamologist but not an optomitirist. Opthamologists are medical doctors. I get a very thorough eye exam at an opthamologist. But if your insurance doesn't cover it, then you should probably see an optomitrist because they tend to charge less. Make sense?

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Once I hit 40, my eyes started getting bad and had hard time reading. Everything blurry. Reading glasses did the trick. Available everywhere - target, walmart. Don't need a prescription for reading glasses. Yes, have your eyes checked so you know. But it's pretty much a fact, everyone's eyes start going after 40.

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