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Books with NO pictures


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I just got this from the library:


Let's Read: A Linguistic Approach by Cynthia A. Barnhart and Robert K. Barnhart (It's an adaptation of Leonard Bloomfield's 1961 text.)


It does not have any pictures and is a big, fat book that covers what I would say could be all levels of reading instruction (last one =irregular consonant spelling patterns such as "syrup," "neighbor" and "diamond" with long reading passages).

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Just out of curiosity, why no pictures?


Because we get stuck looking at the pictures and forget to read the words....so then we just put the words in sentence(guess) that the picture has if we don't know the word ...we are looking to the picture to tell us the word like our ps K teacher taught us. Many words are not in the picture...imagine that!


Long story...so no please no more phonics teaching ideas we have lots of those thanks to ElizabethB...thank you thank you...you can read here the long story if interested:




Now we need books with no pictures to get us out of this nasty nasty habit.

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:grouphug: That's a hard one to break, too, sorry. You can do it, it can be done!


The 1879 McGuffey readers don't have too many...you could tape white paper over the few that are in there. Many of the old readers are free online, you could print out just the text yourself from Gutenberg, here's a McGuffey 1879 1st reader, just the text, from Gutenberg:




Parker's 2nd Reader from Gutenberg, just the text:




Like Chris said, it might be fun to let them add pictures AFTER they read a few of the stories, you could print out the words at the bottom of a page on a few of the stories that would be fun to illustrate.

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