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Just got an iPod....now what?


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We just received one from the in-laws, and immediately I am thinking on how to use it for educational purposes :tongue_smilie:. Are there any great podcasts (or whatever the term is for downloadable programs and stories) for children? I went to NPR, but didn't find anything geared towards kids. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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The iTunes store has a bunch of podcasts there - oodles, really! There are some video podcasts you can download from National Geographic (there's a dangerous encounters one that looks good) or NASA. Heaps of others too.


I have a cable so I can plug my iPod into the TV and we can all watch together. I was surprised at the clarity of the little screen though - it is such a crisp picture that I have actually watched on the iPod (I've got a Nano, so it's a little screen).


Also, depending on the ages, check out iTunes U. Stuff there from universities on all sorts of topics.


Happy New iPod!


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Definitely go to iTunes U. Search under "literature" and you'll find a lot of audio books of classics...many for children. You just have to surf through the results. Some will be lectures. I can't attest to the quality of all of the narrators, as I only have listened to Anne of Green Gables. I can say I enjoyed listening to that book. :001_smile:

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Ok, I'm so tech-challenged. It took me a long time this evening to figure out how to sync (duh, have to check the box) and now I'm trying to figure how to categorize it because iTunes seems to do it for you and I disagree with it. It has put Storynory books under Music/Cover Flow and also under Genre. By the way downloading an audio book takes a long time on librivox - is this just me?


Thanks everyone for helping me fill up my iPod :001_smile:.

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Some nice stuff for kids:


old children's records old records for kids


homemade homeschool old time radio shows


homeschool.com podcasts for mom


kids records weekly more old records for kids


free kids music more recent kids music


internet archive/librovox recording of books and all sorts of fun audio files


blog talk radio you have to search but if you type in homeschooling you can find a lot of good, inspirational shows.



Hope this helps.:001_smile:

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Guest Cheryl in SoCal

You can also rip your CD's into iTunes to transfer to your iPod so you can take them with you. I always do that so I can store the original disc (instead of loose it, LOL) and many (like Mystery of History) can be purchased in MP3 form so you can download it to iTunes and not have to rip from a CD.

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We use ours in many different ways. I'll try to list a few as they pop into my head.


1. We have the Kindle app on an ipod for each child. There are quite a few kids chapter books that are now available as a Kindle version.

2. You can also make any document as a PDF and send it to Ibooks for study/review.

3. I put the Audio Companion to FLL on ours.

4. SOTW audio

5. Suzuki piano ear training

6. Movies from Discovery streaming media

7. Podcasts such as storynory


These are just a few that are immediately coming to mind. There are so many things out there now and it seems like more every day. Enjoy!

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