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If your child was accepted to a service academy ...

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1 - 8th grade Waldorf school


I wrote his transcript by subject area, not year, because some of these were not started/finished when they ought to have been or were totally unrelated to the school schedule at all (computers.)



Algebra I Foerster

Geometry Jacobs

Bio Apologia

English, Voyages in English 8, Warriners

Ancient History, Kishlansky

Latin Henle I

German, German is Fun



Algebra II/Trig Foerster

Chem Apologia

English, Jensen's Format Writing

Med. History, Kishlansky

Latin Henle I (the transcript, by subject, only has Latin I)

German, Beginning German (an ancient garage sale find)

Web Design/HTML &CSS(HTML for the World Wide Web. Castro)



Calculus (AB) Foerster

Conceptual Physics, Hewitt

English, IEW Structure & Style, Classic Rhetoric

AP US Govt, PA Homeschoolers

Intro to Java Script (Programming with Java in 24 Hours. Cavenhead)




Math Modeling (at local hs)

more calculus, Foerster

Physics, Halliday

US HIstory, Bennet

US Lit

Web Programming/PHP/MYSQL(PHP and MYSQL for Dynamic Websites. Ullman)





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I know this is an older thread. I found a great link this morning and was trying to find a nice general service academy/ROTC thread to add to. This one seemed to fit the bill. (And maybe it will prompt some updates from other BTDT folks.)


Coast Guard Academy Health and Physical Fitness Preparation Guidelines link


This is one of the better recommendations I've seen for prepping for the physical demands of an academy. It even has some specific training rotations and workout ideas.

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