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  1. Quoting myself to add that DS was offered appointment to USMA! No word from Madison or USNA yet.
  2. DS went into this process expecting to apply to 8+ schools, but ended up applying only to 4 - Florida Southern, University of Wisconsin-Madison, USMA, and USNA. He was accepted to Florida Southern awhile back and found out this week he won a 4 year Army ROTC scholarship to attend! Still waiting to hear from the other three schools. We'll see. He and my husband loved Florida Southern when they visited, so we're thrilled that he has such a wonderful opportunity.
  3. This is the one we are leading toward because it's the only one that's possibly offered three days a week which I think would be best for this child. Unfortunately, there's still no teacher or time listed. I kept checking as the early registration ended yesterday; I just can't sign up for something without being for certain of that the timing will work for us.
  4. Thank you for the additional suggestion and positive recommendation for the CLRC!
  5. I have no idea why that smiley face is so big! I can't erase it either. {blushing}
  6. Thank you for mentioning this! I had never heard of this company. Off to check it out ...
  7. Thank you! They don't have a teacher or day/time up for German 1 yet, but I am hopeful it's in a time that's do-able for us.
  8. Hello! I'm looking for online German 1 class recommendations for next year for my rising freshman. This child does not do well with self paced, student directed work, so looking for a live online class or possibly an experienced tutor (like Julia Denne of By the Onion Sea). Thank you!
  9. Where : Marquette University Why: 4 year AROTC scholarship + Marquette gives a $7,000 room and board scholarship to ROTC scholarship winners (none of the other ROTC colleges ds applied to have this 'sweetener') Major: BS Computer Science; considering BS in Computer Science / MBA program (five year program) You all saw my million posts in the acceptance thread and the angst that went into ds's senior year! I'm so grateful for everyone's advice, support, and encouragement!
  10. Unfortunately, we found out today he didn't get in the Carolina. But, that's ok. We are so darn stinkin' happy and grateful about the AROTC waiver! Just when it couldn't get better, we found out earlier this week that Marquette gives a $7,000 room and board sweetener to 4 year AROTC scholarship winners! So, it's Marquette!!!
  11. He originally won it back in December to UW-Madison, Marquette, and UNC-Chapel Hill. At the time he'd only been accepted to Marquette, so that's where he accepted it. Since then, he's also been accepted to Madison, but still waiting on Chapel Hill. There is a process to transfer schools, so that might be an option. Carolina is his #1. He's evenly split between Marquette and Madison. Hopefully this is making sense; just had an IPA to celebrate! ðŸ˜
  12. Y'all!!!! Y'all!!! I am crying here. AROTC just approved ds's vision waiver! Agency: US Army ROTC Cycle Year:2017 Current Medical Status: Medical waiver granted D155.70 Myopia - refractive error greater than -8.00 diopters (spherical equivalent) D259.50 Waiver Approved - AROTC I can't even believe it.
  13. I'm not sure. The email says, "You will be receiving your official acceptance packet in the mail with information regarding your student accounts and next steps within the next two weeks. " So, two weeks? This will be me waiting: :willy_nilly: So happy to (maybe) have an option that doesn't require a vision test! :party:
  14. I hope you're not sick of hearing from me either, but I do have some good news! Ds was just accepted to The University of Alabama in Huntsville!!!! Fingers crossed for financial aid!!!! :wub: to this wonderful group for suggesting it. Your public and private messages of support, encouragement, and sympathy through this process have been such a blessing.
  15. I am so grateful to this board and you all for posting this! Ds's application was filled out the day after you recommended it and I was just able to mail out his transcript and have his test scores sent. I had never heard of this college and he said it looks great! Fingers crossed!!!
  16. No, we found out about it and he applied before the deadline (was it Feb 1st, I think?). He won the Presidential Gold Scholarship, Need based Baylor Scholarship, Work-Study, and the $5500 in loans ... so, $34,400.00 in scholarships/loans a year which is amazing! But, expects parents to pay $28,892 per year. This is one that kills me that he couldn't take the PSAT because they offer a full ride for National Merit Scholars. Thank you though. I totally get the disapproval from others thing. I didn't tell anyone we were applying to that many schools as it felt insane at the time. Now, I wish we had applied to more.
  17. :crying: :crying: :crying: I wish I had, too.
  18. We're not eligible for the second and third, but the cyber scholarships look interesting. Thank you!
  19. I am totally dying here!!! I'll happily go back underground when this is all over!!! Yes, I think you're correct about not spreading ourselves more. The academies (applied to USMA, USNA, USAFA, and USCGA) were crazy intense applications. Then, for ROTC, you had to apply to at least five schools with ROTC programs. We picked strong computer science schools with both NROTC and AROTC (UNC-Chapel Hill, Purdue, Texas A&M, UW Madison, and Marquette) to kill two birds with one stone, but that was 5 more applications. (Can't remember now which ones were common app, but I know not all of them were.) Then, he applied to a few Christian colleges as backup (Covenant, Wisconsin Lutheran, Grove City.) He had to be cajoled and pushed and ... strongly nudged to get those done and he took f.o.r.e.v.e.r as he was just done writing out essays and filling out applications by then. Baylor was applied to recently and then UA-Huntsville yesterday(?) Was it yesterday already? Or two days ago? The days are starting to blend together! The application fees +cost to send SAT +cost to send ACT add up! And, for ACT we had to send multiple ones (which each are a separate fee!) for colleges that superscore. He's not a national merit scholar. I begged and pleaded with private and public schools in our area for him to be able to take the PSAT and every single one said no. Even the two schools that let him take AP tests, said no to PSAT. The one change I would petition {decision maker} to make is to make the PSAT as easy to sign up for as the ACT/SAT. It's not really fair when so much college merit aid is available to those who are able to take it.
  20. Haha, normally I'm a super private person. I don't discuss our finances with anyone and cringed when posting our budget, but I'm desperate! LOL! Yes, paycheck is every two weeks. It does a disservice those in true financial hardship to say we live paycheck to paycheck. We make good $ on paper, but are considered lowest middle class in our area. We live in a 1200 sq ft house in a blue collar neighborhood. I can see Walmart from my backyard. :glare: We dream of moving south where it's warm and the same $ buys a huge, beautiful house! This is copied/pasted: (EFC)= 020878 Based on the eligibility criteria you may be eligible for the following: Direct Stafford Loan Estimate - $5,500.00 I guess we really counted on a service academy/ROTC. Ds has always wanted to do this and while we knew his eyesight was an issue, we thought the waiver would be no problem. I mean, he's wants to do cyber security, speaks Russian, great grades/test scores, Eagle Scout, CAP Deputy Commander, Cyber Patriot Captain, Baseball MVP/All-Conference player, etc. He was picked for a candidate visit weekend and got into the USNA Summer Seminar, the interviewers indicated they thought he'd get in, and the remedial doctors thought everything was fine, and he received a nomination to each academy. Everything was bright and rosy. I mentioned previously that I started a part-time job this past year (in August.) We had a long talk and believe that we could pay up to $6,000 a year, so combined with the student loan, we're up to $11,500 a year.
  21. Yes, health insurance and taxes taken out. (We pay 50% of health ins and 100% of dental & vision.) The company doesn't have a retirement plan. :huh:
  22. Thank you so much for your kind words, information, and encouragement. My cousin is a biology professor at Platteville! Honestly, we didn't consider any of the other UW schools, but I think this was short-sighted, and maybe a little high-falutin' of us (me!). Ds did apply to UA-Huntsville yesterday and I'll have him take a look at Platteville today. He's interested in computer science.
  23. Thanks. The support here has been so helpful for me. After all the suggestions, am definitely recommending UA-Huntsville to him!
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