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I need a visual way to track what we've read


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Same general idea, but we used a caterpillar. Cut out random sized and colored circles from construction paper (in and of itself a project for the kids!) then drew a picture on the front and recorded the title/author/5-star rating on the back and added the circle to the caterpillar's ever-growing body. Ours wrapped around the room :) and had started with just the face. It's since been dismantled but I still reference the ratings my son gave when trying to decide if it's something I'll re-read with my younger child.


My daughter was really into space for awhile, so we hung pre-cut stars from her ceiling when she completed each BOB book (while learning to read.) She practiced writing the name on each star.

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You could make a paper bookshelf for your wall, scan the covers of the books you read, resize and print them to put on your bookshelf.


We have a timeline we are putting the books we are reading on (based on publication date).


I remember when I was in ps I had a teacher who had us put racecars up listing every 5 books we read. By the end of the year they lapped the room.

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