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Hey, look! My baby's on Etsy!

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My oldest dd took some photos of baby sister wearing a play silk as a cape, and I sent them to the sellers, The Purple Tangerine. They're using them in some of their listings.


If you ever need hand-dyed play silks, this is a wonderful company! Support artists - buy handmade!


Okay, PSA over. Just wanted to share. ;)

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What a cutie, and your oldest has a great eye!


Thank you, Amy! One of her former goals was to be a photojournalist, and she especially loves taking photos of people. She no longer wants to do this as a career, but she relishes finding interesting locations for photos. These were taken in the part of our city called "Old Towne" where she loves the old bricks, alleys, antique shops, etc. One day I had a few things to do, so I gave Charlotte to her big sisters, packed a few things (including this play silk) and dropped them off in Old Towne for a couple of hours. This is what resulted. Kenzie actually took many, many photos and it ended up being a great series!

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