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Could use some encouragement as I take on a new challenge...long post (sorry)

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I just found out today that I will be working more hours as a part-time teacher this coming year. I have been teaching 4th-8th grade art at a private classical Christian school, which means I've been gone from home one full day each week. I now have the opportunity to teach K-3rd as well, which means I will be at the school two full days per week. I also teach an art class on Friday afternoons to hs students, but my dd is in that class and so I'm not going to be away from her those days.


We've managed to make this work because my mother lives with us and she is able to be an adult presence while my (now) 6th grade dd works independently on the assignments I give her. Also, my dh has an on-call job during the week and usually ends up working 4 long days instead of 5. His current job is a new one, but he seems to be home on either a Tuesday or Wednesday each week most of the time -- which is great because both days are my teaching days at the school. So, considering these things I do think I've got things covered on the home front.


I'm sad to be away from my dd an added day during the week, but we are not in a position for me to turn down the added income. Dh had let me know recently that an increase of pay for me would take a lot of stress off him and I know that we do need the money. I was already thinking it was time to step up and find opportunities to help more when the opportunity at school came up. I've also been advertising for more students in my Friday hs art class, and it would help us so much if there is a good turnout.


This is all going to take a lot of planning and prepping, staying organized and making time to go over the day's lessons with my dd in the evenings. We will have three very full days of school together during the week, then she'll have time to do reading and assignments while I'm at school. I know it will be challenging, but I believe we can do it -- at least I think so now at this moment. The best part of all is that I will have three months off every summer, and I can give my dd lots of attention then and have some downtime for my own self.


Have you ever had to spread yourself this way as a hs mom? I know many of you work outside the home while also hs'ing...what types of things help you to stay organized and on top of things, keep yourself from burning out and stay motivated? I'd love to hear from others about these things, and I really could use some encouragement. Thank goodness I only have one child at home or I don't think this would work for me at all.




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:grouphug:You can so do this. If you need to, do a subject over the weekend. I was just talking to a friend with a similar problem. She is going to do science on the weekends, more time for the experiment etc.. And whatever doesn't get done during the school year they will do in the summer. Your dd is old enough to complete a lot on her own. She will feel so grown up by helping out her family.

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