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We're Back from Our Cruise...


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and I have to brag just a little bit!


DS did great and really enjoyed himself. Some issues with the Kids Club on the ship as he was in the 3-6 year old group and in DS's words - "They did baby stuff." Oh well, son, sometimes you have to learn to adapt.


Now for the brag - our elevator stopped and an Asian woman got on. She didn't say anything but really examined DS. We all wound up getting off on the same floor. I looked at DS and told him to have a conversation in Mandarin with the woman. Talk about a look of surprise on her face when he said hello. She just beamed and proceeded to have a five minute conversation with DS. He held his own and it was obvious that she understood him.


I was such a proud MaMa. Sometimes with languages you begin to wonder if a native speaker would really understand your child.

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