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  1. I have been asking myself this lately. I played competitive sports from age 3 until age 23 (when I had my first child). My husband also played until he was 1/2 way through college. I was always a big proponent of them - learn to work well with others, physically, it's great, it's fun, etc, etc, etc. However, my dh is now 400# and I cannot blame that on sports but I know MANY adults who started gaining weight (and never stopped until they got huge) once they stopped playing sports. these are typically those who played highly competitive sports, in which they could eat as much and whatever t
  2. we use Saxon a couple of years ahead but after finishing a Saxon year (b/c it never takes us a whole year), we move on to MEP. This is helping to 'slow' dd1 down & MEP challenges her in new ways (just don't drop the facts drill! btdt). I am hoping that after this year of doing 2 curricula, she will only be a year ahead in Saxon.
  3. haven't read the whole thread so forgive me if i am repeating: Eat to Live (Dr. Furhman) basically, LOTS of veggies, a good amount of fruit, 1c beans everyday, limited meat & dairy
  4. ds 1 is the most active child I have ever seen! His toes are all bloody from running barefoot everywhere (no time to put shoes on!) & his calf muscles are HUGE (he just turned 2) b/c next to running, jumping is his favorite pasttime. However, I have worked w/him on sitting still probably since he was 1? The rule I had for him was, if you bring me a book, you have to sit still in my lap while I read the *entire* thing to you. I only had board books for him but even that was a struggle at the time. However, if he wanted to get up, I would sit him down immediately & say no, you br
  5. Well, we have 1 week left before we are finished w/the 1st 1/2 of MEP 1 & she took a test today...all but 1 problem right! MEP is great b/c it STRETCHES her brain but with all that stretching, she doesn't look forward to math as much as she used to. I am thinking maybe 1/2 of Saxon 2, finish MEP1, finish Saxon 2...hmmm... too much skipping? or just enough switching it up to keep her brain active & engaged???
  6. Saxon/MEP Question: Saxon is our main curriculum but dd was done w/Saxon 1 by Feb. So in March, we started MEP 1. She is 1/2 way through & I am wondering if I should switch back to Saxon for 2 reasons: ' 1.b/c I am thinking 3mo is long enough of a break for core curriculum & 2.b/c I am thinking MEP is hard enough, doing the 2nd 1/2 of Year 1 would probably still be a challenge after she completed Saxon 2. What say the hive? tia!
  7. I pick a curriculum, we do it until we are done, taking breaks as needed/wanted. When we are done w/a curriculum, I will take a week break (or so) to either get ready for the next round or (normally) for something more practical. ex. we took a 2 week break when ds 2 was born, we finished saxon 1 in february, took a 2 week break to potty train ds1 (successfully poop trained). She will be done w/ the 1st book of MEP at the end of May & we will take a week or so (however long it takes) to *finish* potty training ds1 :) we started doin year round for 2 reasons - 1. OPG does not go jus
  8. I have more littles & less school but my schedule is set a similar way. Here is a suggestion that helped me: write down EVERYTHING each child can do on his/her own (or just w/o you). that way, you have ideas when the child starts to get into trouble. if you want to & have the time you can even write them down on slips of paper & the child can choose from a cup or something. Here is our day (VERY choppy but it works for us): 6:45am-feed baby, breakfast 8am-baby naps, littles have roomtime, dd1-spelling, math, grammar, writing 9am-everyone gets dressed 9:30-Bible Story &am
  9. NEXT YEAR?!?! but it's only February! it's MAY, you say? :willy_nilly::willy_nilly::willy_nilly::willy_nilly::svengo:
  10. this is so me! :iagree: I have noticed myself becoming more easy-going w/in the last year. I praise God for it DAILY! ONLY He could change my heart & attitude! I see that I am different w/my kids, w/my friends, etc. I LOVE it! Being uptight (b/c I still am in a lot of ways) is my least favorite part of me! SOO thankful that God has changed me & is changing me!!!
  11. not sure why the thread got deleted, i wasn't bashing dh or anything... just as a general reply, some of you were right, i was not expecting some of those responses & didn't know how to respond to some & didn't feel the need to respond to others - I was just asking for security advice - which I got A TON! Thanks! I wrote it all down & we are doing most of them. just so dh's name is not dragged through the mud, the pics he took were innocent (the guy coached him through how to suggest, etc. but he couldn't do it, thankfully). The problem was more the deception than the pic c
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