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Why will my dog drink icky water outside and not touch the clean water in his bowl?

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As a dog walker I see this all the time! :D

Our cat is the same way--toilet= good, bowl=yucky.

With the cat, I actually have to wash her bowl out several times a day--it does get scummy. Sometimes you can't see the scum but you can smell it if you get up close (and they can probably smell it way before). IDK if outside water does the same thing!

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I don't know, but my cat prefers to drink out of the bathtub and bathroom sink.


Our cat is like this too. He'll slink into the bathroom to lick up the water in the shower. And if we walk in on him he bolts out of the room like he was caught doing Something Bad.




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Could be lots of things. Do you put down fresh water everyday? My dogs love it fresh and cold from the tap and will usually drink the most right after I put it down. There could be some soap residue in the bowl or it could just be that icky water outside tastes yummy! LOL

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