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can we play "what's your favorite new homeschool tool" again?

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My parents bought the children lots of new art supplies, plus a science kit with a volcano. My sister bought them balloon-powered racecars. My inlaws bought them some great games/logic stuff. (We are blessed to have family that requests a wishlist every year!)


And finding my package from CLE with our new math books waiting at the door when we returned home was like Christmas all over again (for me, at least!) I LOVE getting a box of nice new books!

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My mom got me the 6 books in the Sir Cumference series and the teacher idea book that goes with them from Museum Limited. I was sooooo happy!!!! We're doing Middle Ages next year and my dd tends to be more literary than mathematical. :) I'd been looking at them for a while, so to get them was wonderful!!!!

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Well, dh got me a Kindle, and I downloaded the newest edition of WTM, van Loon's The Story of Mankind, and Janice Van Cleave's Chemistry for Every Kid. I think that counts!


Ooo, I got a kindle for Christmas too. I downloaded lots of classic lit already! I was surprised how much free stuff amazon has for the kindle.

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