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Favorite homeschooling magazine?

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One of our local librarians approached me last week and gave me a copy of "Practical Homeschooling" magazine. They'd been receiving sample copies, and she wondered if the library should get a subscription, or if there was some other magazine that homeschooling families would appreciate having at the library. She wanted to get my opinion on that magazine, and any recommendations as to other useful homeschool magazines. I'm a bit in the dark, and can't even list the names of other such magazines without googling. Do you have a favorite homeschool related magazine you would recommend for the library to buy a subscription? Why is it your favorite?


Erica in OR

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I would also recommend Secular Homeschooling for library collections. It depends on the library, of course, but most homeschooling magazines are aimed at the conservative Christian market. SH is for everyone else ("Secular" is supposed to mean "this magazine is not about religion, it's about homeschooling"--it's easy to see that the editor is not religious, but mostly they just want to talk homeschooling and leave religious beliefs to the individual).


You could also look at Home Education Magazine, but I don't know anything about that one.


If your librarian has access to Infopeople training, they offer an online class for librarians about serving homeschoolers. :001_smile:

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I love The Old Schoolhouse Magazine! Although they do seem to be changing their style a lot, so we'll see. Some of the philosophy articles are a little too strident for me, but they cover a wide variety of topics over a broad range of homeschooling interest and have a ton of advertisements and reviews of homeschool currlculum. Nicely laid out too. I could be mistaken, but I believe The Old Schoolhouse Magazine has the largest circulation of all the homeschool magazines.

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