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  1. Thank you! Your summary helps so much. I went from Trig to Math Analysis in high school, which only adds to the confusion for me. It's pretty obvious from my original post that I am not a "math person" despite understanding Math Analysis pretty well at the time, though I couldn't even tell you want it is now without looking it up. I just remember liking imaginary numbers. Very helpful, thanks.
  2. DS did Algebra 1 in 9th grade, Geometry in 10th, Algebra 2 in 11th grade. We've been using Teaching Textbooks and next in their sequence would be Pre-Calc. Shouldn't Trig be next? I took Trig in high school but never took pre calc. Is Pre-Calc just another word for Trig, depending on the curriculum provider? Or are they 2 very different subjects with specifics things to be covered? So, am I okay just having him do Pre-Calc next or should I be looking for a high school Trig course? DS is not a huge math fan. He does okay in it, but not a fan. Wouldn't do it if he didn't have to. Wa
  3. My son is a rising senior and has completed Biology, Chemistry and Advanced Biology (Anatomy and Physiology) and we were considering Physics for next year, because that's the usual path for college bound students. He knows he wants to major in biology leading to an advanced degree and he wants to do some kind of research in biology for a profession, but he doesn't know what yet. He did not take the AP Biology Exam because I was woefully ignorant of the AP Program. I'm reconsidering Physics for next year and thinking instead of Advanced Chemistry or a college Bio course (dual enrol
  4. My 17 yo son (rising 12th grader) has a part time job since last September. I have such mixed feelings about it and wondered how other families handle it. How do college bound students keep up with their school work, get good grades and do extra-curriculars and prep for ACT/SAT and take dual enrollment courses, and pursue music, sports, etc and stay active at church and spend time with friends and have some fun. So, what about your teen & family. Do they/did they have a job? How did it impact your family? How did you make it work? What things did you or your teen give up? We'
  5. Congratulations! You did it! I will be in the same boat this time next year. I alternate between grief, dread, panic & joyful anticipation thinking about it. With everything you have happening at the same time, I can understand you feeling emotional!
  6. How are things going with your Mom? I realize this was a few months ago, but it caught my eye when I was doing a search for Alzheimer's. It sounds like some form of dementia, possibly to me. My Mom has Alzheimer's which manifested gradually with different kinds of paranoia over time, then got really bad. There were memory issues as well for my Mom, but she was very intelligent and really good at covering for a long time. She was not normally paranoid. She was only 69, when it became really bad and we noticed. But in retrospect, it had been happening gradually. It could be other things

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    Sonlight Core 3 for Sale - 2006 version - Intro to American History Part 1. This corresponds to the current Core D, but differs in some respects. Includes IG and all books. Asking $250 + shipping.


  8. laundry (ds going on trip) church-teach 4-6th gr jr church last min prep for ds's trip family time to bed very early - (which shouldn't be hard since I didn't sleep well last night. I have to be up at 4am tomorrow to take ds to the carpool spot for his trip!!!! That is just wrong in my opinion, but I didn't set the schedule. I have a headache just thinking about it
  9. Thank you chocolatechip, it's helpful to hear from a fairly recent grad. I can purchase cards for $1 at Dollar Tree or our local grocery store, so that helps. It's just the gift I fret over. I can't get them something that communicates my true regard for them.
  10. Our frig smells very bad as of last night, like bad broccoli or brussel srpouts, but there are none in the frig. My husband did, however, take a chub of ground venison out of the freezer last night (it's been in there a year and a half) and I suspect it is that. He said it's normal for it to smell that way. I'm worried it's not safe to eat. My dh can eat what he wants, but I don't want my son eating it and getting sick, especially since he is leaving for a week long trip tomorrow. I'm just not going to risk it, but I am wondering is it normal for it to stink? Does venison in the freezer
  11. Why must even weddings now have a platform or make a point other than celebrating the occasion? I thought gift bags were the ultimate recyclable gift wrap! I didn't have to buy a wedding gift bag or baby shower gift bag for years after mine! I don't get the no boxes thing. Most things come in a box already. And boxes are reusuable. I think it is impolite to make such requests, but what do you do. You try to honor their wishes & enjoy their wedding. Enjoyed the funny suggestions. Thanks for the chuckle! I need it this morning.
  12. I didn't know you're supposed to give a gift when a boy achieves Eagle Scout.
  13. We have 10+ parties to go to & we are close to about 3 of them, but we see the other kids a lot at church & co-op, etc. or have known them for years, even if we are not close, so I want to wish them well. I love giving gifts, but have never had the budget for it.
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